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    Good afternoon.I run a fishing camp in Northern New York and I have an empty weekend towards the end of August.I thought that it would be great idea to try to put together a bluegrass weekend where people could fish during the day and play their music at night around the campfire or heck even play your music all day. This is a very private location with beautiful scenery off the beaten path,but within 20 minutes to the closest town.I am not sure if this is the best place to post this,if anyone has any links to a New York specific group,please enlighten me. Thanks Rich

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    New York is a big state. Are you in the Adriondacks or Rochester-Buffalo area or where? Give us more of a clue.

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    You might contact the Adirondack Bluegrass League or the Central NY Bluegrass Association, which I guess is reachable only by phone (315) 626-2603. The CNYBA works around the Syracuse area mainly, but does get a bit north of that. There's also St. Lawrence Valley Bluegrass around the Thousand Islands.

    As Jim G responded, a more specific location would help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Garber View Post
    New York is a big state. Are you in the Adriondacks or Rochester-Buffalo area or where? Give us more of a clue.
    We are located near Theresa Ny only 30 minutes from the 1000 islands(Alex Bay)

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    Thank you for the recommendations I will try to contact the St Lawrence Bluegrass they would not be far from here.

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