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Thread: With the cover off, I like this tailpiece

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    Default With the cover off, I like this tailpiece

    The mandolin doesn't sound great, but I kinda like the look of this Rogue tailpiece. Reminds me of the "steampunk" fad of a few years back.

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    Default Re: With the cover off, I like this tailpiece

    Those Rogue tailpieces are really a crude affair. They weigh about twice as much as a standard stamped type piece and the covers are hard to secure and often fall off. The string posts are rivets which are pressed into holes and they sometimes become loose and break off. The amount of metal used to produce these tailpieces could make two of the standard stamped type but I guess they make them in China for pennies. They really are of the "steampunk" design motif.

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    Default Re: With the cover off, I like this tailpiece

    Seems like they would cost more to produce than a simple stamped metal tailpiece. Maybe they're cheaper because nobody else wants them.
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