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    Default Rigel Armrest

    Has anyone figured out how to mount an armrest on a Rigel A?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger Bob View Post
    Has anyone figured out how to mount an armrest on a Rigel A?
    Respectfully, as a rigel lover and owner,
    Since they are rounded and feel like one is cuddling a cat,....why would you need want a rest?

    Otoh, and not second guessing you,

    To provide a solution, id call Rigel, to start.

    Im thinking, youll either need to screw or use adhesive.

    If i were undertaking this, id buy the armrest, and then assess how to make it sit as you like.

    I would shim to the contours using foam adhesive tape. Initial thoughts are finding a dense foam, and cutting to shape, and then.....perhaps....the super strong double sided foam tape used for auto trim. It really sticks, and, in my experience, the residue can be removed with naptha. I have no clue what might happen berween adhesive and finish over years.

    Being poly finished, i think it would withstand reaction to strong double sided adhesive.

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    Default Re: Rigel Armrest

    You could get one of these and modify it to fit your mandolin......

    A bunch of stuff with four strings

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