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Thread: Our recording of J. S. Weiss concerto for guitar and orchestra

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    Default Our recording of J. S. Weiss concerto for guitar and orchestra

    I would like to share a video I just uploaded on Youtube of our recording of Johann Sigismund Weiss concerto for guitar and orchestra.

    The orchestra is MandolinARTE, and we recorded the concerto back in 2015 in a small studio in Athens, Greece. I really like this concerto but I think it is not very well known, with only a few recordings.

    I took the pictures I used in the video and these are places in Greece you should definitely visit:
    1. Foinikounta, Peloponisos - the olive trees are so beautiful
    2. Triopetra, Rethymno, Creta - perhaps the most beautiful beach I have ever seen
    3. Agia Marina, Chania, Creta - when the sea gets "angry", you never swim!
    4. Chrisi - the breathtaking small island opposite of Ierapetra, Creta which you can visit by boat and has striking colors
    5. Mikrolimano, Peiraous - the famous and very popular small port in the heart of Athens!

    I hope you enjoy the video!
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