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Thread: Don Stiernberg's "Rhythm and Repertoire" course on SoundSlice

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    Default Don Stiernberg's "Rhythm and Repertoire" course on SoundSlice

    I've browsed through this lesson plan and dived deeper into some of the tunes presented. Don's courses on SoundSlice are always excellent for those who don't always have to play chop chords in 3 chord songs (nothing wrong with that, but...), and this lesson set is no exception. He starts with examples of different voicings for cadences that are commonly used in swing/jazz and then presents several examples of comping during a variety of commonly played swing tunes. As always, his chordal voicings are tasteful and really open my ears to other possibilities beyond simple 4 beats to the bar comping and simple static chord grips for playing rhythm. All delivered with Don's droll sense of humor.

    The SoundSlice platform lets you slow down passages, loop, print tablature, change keys... very useful for trying out these ideas. Highly recommended for all who are interested in this style of music, along with his other 3 courses on SoundSlice.

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