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Thread: OM strings and tuning

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    Default OM strings and tuning

    I have a Pono OM scale 23" and want to put a capo on the second and play it as a shorter scale OM. By capoing it on the second fret I will end up with something in the area of 20" scale. I tried lowering the tuning on the strings it came with, (Ko'olau .012 to .046). the stings seemed way too loose.

    Should I go to a lighter gauge in order to tune down to FCGD, then capoing on the second fret to get GDAE?

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    Default Re: OM strings and tuning

    I would think you'd want to go heavier, not lighter. You need more tension, not less.

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    Default Re: OM strings and tuning

    Use a tool like this to calculate the "right" tension.

    If you're happy with the current set at GDAE put those stings into the calculator and the scale length. You can then adjust teh tuning and it will recommend strings that have a similar feel.

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    Default Re: OM strings and tuning

    I'm running 49, 36, 26, 15 on 21", so that's at least how heavy you need to go.
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