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Thread: Big Sciota - Mandolin cover

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    Default Big Sciota - Mandolin cover

    Hello This is my first bluegrass tune I ever learnt.
    Hope you enjoy! Comments will be appreciated.

    Any tips for a new mandolin player?

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    Default Re: Big Sciota - Mandolin cover

    Nicely played!
    If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you can read this in English, thank a vet.

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    Default Re: Big Sciota - Mandolin cover

    Sounds way better than my first one did!

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    Default Re: Big Sciota - Mandolin cover

    Thank you both very much!

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    Default Re: Big Sciota - Mandolin cover

    NEW mandolin player?
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    Default Re: Big Sciota - Mandolin cover

    Quote Originally Posted by Manfred Hacker View Post
    NEW mandolin player?
    Yes, I consider myself a new player due to te fact I'm not familiar with the rest of the chords and scales yet.
    I worked really hard on this tune in order to make it sound ok.. hahaha
    I have much more to learn - both in improvising and chop chording.

    But your surprising really flattered me - so thank you!

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