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Thread: Chris Baird's shop burns - Arches Mandolins

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    I bought a great A-style from Chris a few years ago. Awesome instrument, and Chris is just a really nice guy. So sorry to hear about this.

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    Bummer. I'll offer some materials donations to help him get back to building mandolins when the time is right. Don't hesitate to ask the community; it could happen to any one of us.


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    It is ironic that i am a fire scientist and that one of my mandolin kits i purchased recently was going to Spain got burnt to a cinder. So i am down $650 USD. I have supported Chris because his stuff are one of the best around.

    We are living in a an unpredictable world. As a species we think we can live outside the limits of nature. It is very sad that Chris has to had a run of health, family, and now his business has been burnt to the ground.

    For those ofyou who live in cities and towns the Wildfire Urban Interface (WUI) has these potential risks. I live in one of the most fire prone regions in the world and understand these risks and know how to reduce them. For many ordinary people they dont have a clue because their relationship with the natural world is becoming non-existent. If you live in one if thes places, you need to have a system to protect yourself from wildfire. That includes a water sprinkling system independent if the water supply and electricity.

    I hipe Chris can find a way to get back on his feet. It is wonderful that forum members can find ways to support Chris. I have corresponded with him and he is in crisis mode.
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