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Thread: Music for mandolin, guitar, cello and piano?

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    Default Music for mandolin, guitar, cello and piano?

    There is a group of us of varying playing abilities from beginner (cello) to pro (piano) that have a tradition of playing a piece after thanksgiving dinner. Last year we did a pretty good job with Nigel Gatherers "Memories of Alison" Thanks Nigel!. I'm looking for suggestions for this years piece, all 4 of us can read music. It'd be nice if the scores were free, but that isn't necessary and it doens't have to be any genre. We need to start soon if we are going to sound good by Nov!

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    Default Re: Music for mandolin, guitar, cello and piano?

    My suggestion would be the Shaker hymn "Simple Gifts"
    It is accessible to all skill levels and is accessible to all of your instruments.

    After listening to "Memories of Alison", I thought that Simple Gifts would be too simple of a song... but if it is good enough for Yo Yo Ma, it ought to be good enough for me!

    Joseph Baker

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