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Thread: Carl Ricordi Bowlback

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    Default Carl Ricordi Bowlback

    Hi all. I'm a complete newbie to mandolin.
    I've taken it up because I was given s beautiful bowl back mandolin.
    It's a Carlo Ricordi No 100 S
    I've seen the maker's name crop up and it seems this instrument could be from anywhere between 1890 and 1930.
    It plays perfectly.
    I come from a guitar background and a friend has shown me a couple of Irish tunes that I find fall easily under my fingers.
    That's the intro, now the questions...

    Can anyone tell me anything about this particular model?
    I just asked for mandolin strings at the shop and strung it up. It doesn't appear to be fragile but given its age does it need very light strings?

    Please recommend good beginner tutorial sites.

    I find the neck a little bit narrow but I'm already hooked on mandolin so I'd like another that I don't have to be precious with. Any recommendations for a plug in beginner's model.

    Finally how do I upload pics of it?

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    Default Re: Carl Ricordi Bowlback

    congrats! there should be a 'go advanced' button on the page that will allow you to put photos on a page; someone here can give you a step-by-step, though.

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    Default Re: Carl Ricordi Bowlback

    Thanks, Randi.
    I have the "go advanced" button but none of the options allows me to upload pics,
    Maybe it's because I'm using a mobile, rather than a desktop?

    On the plus side, while browsing this site, I found a link by Mark Gunter which is a brilliant place to start looking for lessons:

    Thanks, Mark!
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    Default Re: Carl Ricordi Bowlback

    Yes, use as light strings as you can get. Inexpensive sets are GHS ultralights A-240. Standard gauge Mandolin strings will destroy this instrument which I assume is a bowlback.

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