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Thread: Note of thanks to Baron Collins-Hill

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    Default Note of thanks to Baron Collins-Hill

    Of all the people or sites on the internet that have helped me over the last couple of years, the MandoLessons site really stands out.

    It has a combination of very simple arrangements, each of which has an example track so you can hear what the arrangements sound like.

    Of course, I don't end up playing the tunes like the arrangement. Too simple. I'm playing solo so I need to spiff it up a little bit or it sounds too sparse. Don't want people to get bored waiting for the next note to come along. If I had a friend to play the guitar part I'm sure it would be fine just as it is.

    However, when I try to use sheet music from a more ornate arrangement I find myself getting lost and getting discouraged. I need that very simple introduction. From there, I can add extra notes and ornamentation that comes to me, generally over a period of months after I add the tune to my repertoire. But I can't start a tune at that level, I have to start at the very simple level that Baron Collins-Hill presents.

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    Default Re: Note of thanks to Baron Collins-Hill

    I second RodCH's sentiments. Baron's teaching style is clear and methodical, which provides a solid starting point for those of us who aren't able to tackle complex arrangements right off the bat. And I love the mix of bluegrass, Celtic, and old-time tunes he offers, not to mention his lessons on various techniques. Thank you Baron! Please keep it up!

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    Default Re: Note of thanks to Baron Collins-Hill

    I definitely credit Baron Collins-Hill for getting me started on my way. I have a list of my ten favorite songs I learned from his site that I go over as part of my every day drills. The backing tracks make it an enjoyable experience. Now I've graduated to trying to play them faster using a metronome. Thank you so much for your hard work in putting this together and for making them free. You will soon be seeing some monetary support from me.

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    Default Re: Note of thanks to Baron Collins-Hill

    Same here!
    I subscribed to several different courses online, but I have spent most of my time on
    It is easy to follow him and he has built a large library of tunes to learn. The technique videos helped me correct bad habits before they became a problem. All the way down to the beautiful sound that comes out of that Ellis.
    It is always a pleasure to sit down and learn a tune from him.
    Oh and all that... for free?? After all I've learned from him it just wouldn't feel right not to donate.
    Thanks Baron!
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    Default Re: Note of thanks to Baron Collins-Hill

    Totally agree! I always like Baron's take on the tunes, he's a great player, he puts out new stuff every week, and there's no charge unless you want to pay--which I do, since I get so much out of it. If you do "subscribe" even with the tiniest recurring donation, you also get the benefit of Baron's live (on the internet), monthly "office hours" which are great fun. Plus, Baron's just a great guy!

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    Default Re: Note of thanks to Baron Collins-Hill

    Another totally agree. Great strategy--provide free content that is so useful you'd feel ashamed not to subscribe!

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    Default Re: Note of thanks to Baron Collins-Hill

    I don't find his arrangements boring at all. I never feel like I'm sitting around waiting for the next note. I think there's a lot of value for players to savor the notes, not rush to fill in more. I think anyone would do well to play tunes as simply as he does and not strive to impress with flashy virtuosity in a fusillade of fancy stuff.

    I enjoy his playing so much I bought two of his albums.

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    Default Re: Note of thanks to Baron Collins-Hill

    Great site to learn from ! I think his arrangements are fine and I highly recommend him and his learning curriculum !
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    Default Re: Note of thanks to Baron Collins-Hill

    Wow, thank you all so much for the kind words! I love making lessons for the site and spreading the word about mandolins and fiddle tunes, and I am glad and honored that folks enjoy what I do!

    Happy picking,
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