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Thread: Concert/gig Monday evening June 18th in or near Nashville, TN?

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    Default Concert/gig Monday evening June 18th in or near Nashville, TN?

    I know this is a long shot, but me and my wife are planning on being in Nashville on Monday June 18th and I was looking for a bluegrass concert or something the like in the evening. I’ve looked up all the schedules of groups that can think of that I would like, and nobody is anywhere near Nashville that day. Does there happen to be any Mandolin Cafe members having a small gig or something near Nashville that day?
    We are planning on being at Carters and possibly Gruhns in the morning/afternoon, and we might be tuckered out after all that test driving, so we might just want to go sleep at the hotel, but I’m just seeing if we have the option of seeing a group or artist play bluegrass then. I should mention that I’m not really interested in any other genre, not even blues or country, I’m very picky with my

    Also on the following Sunday afternoon/evening(June 24th) in the Eastern KY/TN area
    Thanks in advance, Jesse
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