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Thread: Laurel vs Yanny

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    Quote Originally Posted by JL277z View Post

    A surprising trivia tidbit about this thread:

    In only 4 days this thread has accumulated 41,922 views, must be some sort of new world's record? Or has the MandolinCafe page-counter gone wonky? Does the 41,922 include the probably-numerous automated search-engine-bot hits too (I got tons of those on my pages when I used to have my own website years ago), or does MandolinCafe filter out the searchbots somehow?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I didn't even click on this thread until today (the title "Laurel vs Yanny" didn't mean anything to me so I just skipped the entire thread, figured it couldn't have been anything interesting with such a non-alluring title), but today I noticed the 41,922 views and I did something I usually avoid, I went into 'lemming' mode (follow the crowd) to see what everyone else was looking at. Interesting stuff.
    That traffic has been occurring for 4-5 days now but has largely gone away. On Saturday it was driving our users online by a factor of 3+ our average. As happens on occasion, we got picked up by either a search engine or site that deals in traffic of many multiples and it drove a lot of viewers to us looking for content and were probably a bit disappointed in the chatter here. I spent a little bit of time trying to hunt that down but wasn't able to find anything in Google Analytics that showed where it came from. Not worth the time, really. Most of that traffic had never been here before and won't be in the future. Just the way the internet works some times. Sorry, no technical issues, no mystery code snags, no one was twiddling knobs.

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