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    Default Original Jazz CD Preview

    "Try Again" is a complete take of an original tune from my jazz project that was titled "Destination". This was an electric-viola project, but I am replacing those tracks with 10-string. Most will be electric, but this one sounded sweet with the Buchanan. Brilliant playing by my colleagues back in Chicago---Neal Alger on guitar, Mike Arnopol on bass, and Tom Hipskind on drums.

    Equipment notes---a new purchase, Shure KSM32 large-diaphragm condenser mic, was really nice. it has a generous and forgiving cardioid pattern, and consistent frequency response off-axis. Smooth highs with no bumps.

    I blended in a fair amount of Headway undersaddle pickup to fatten the mids and make a more "jazz" tone.

    I hope to have the CD ready by sometime this summer. It has contributions from Jim Gailloreto on sax and Vijay Tellis-Nayak on Rhodes electric piano and Hammond B3. I was honored to play with these top Chicago sidemen. Sessions were at Vijay's own studio, and I am overdubbing and mixing at home now.
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    I look forward to your CD. Bravo!

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