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Thread: Looking for an acoustic baritone mando

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    Default Looking for an acoustic baritone mando

    Hey all,

    I am looking for an acoustic/electric baritone 5string mandolin.

    I currently play a 5 string Rono electric.

    I know that the late Jean Paul Charles made some.

    I have a message in to Manndolins, but his Facebook is inactive, and no new info is on his website.

    I am fine with a custom build by a good luthier, but Id like one with experience working with this scale length and style of instrument.

    Thanks for your recommendations and ideas.


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    Default Re: Looking for an acoustic baritone mando

    I got a great reply from Mr. Mann, who is no longer building acoustic instruments.

    So other ideas are welcome. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Looking for an acoustic baritone mando

    Here is my 10 string mandocello from Tom "TJ" Jessen at Cricketfiddle. Here is a quick video I did with my phone shortly after I got it a few years back:

    26" scale. Strings are J78; C - .074, G - .048, D - .034, A - .022, E - .014. Looks like the octave pairs (C, G, D) are just half the diameter of the standard string. This also has a JJB PPS-200 installed so it is AE. I also posted a vid on the slack-key thread.

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