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Thread: Amazing Grace for Mother's Day

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    Default Amazing Grace for Mother's Day

    My wife loves Amazing Grace, it's a song she's sung to our daughters when putting them to bed ever since the first was born. So, I thought she'd really enjoy hearing our girls singing it for her. The girls are 8 and 4. It's something I think she'll be able to listen to in 20 years and really remember what it was like when they were little.

    Technical info:

    The guitar is a Taylor GS Mini (the only guitar I have left, sold off my other ones). And the mandolin is my Northfield. My playing is marginal, but I love the way this mandolin sounds, and I think this is the best recording I've done in terms of capturing its tone. Guitar & voices mic'd with a Rode NT2A, and mandolin mic'd with a pair of Rode M5's. Run through a Presonus AudioBox iTwo and using PreSonus Studio One 3 to record.
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    Default Re: Amazing Grace for Mother's Day

    What a great Mom's Day present.
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    Default Re: Amazing Grace for Mother's Day

    Nice! And especially awesome vocals considering they're 8 years old and 4 years old, sounds really good.

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