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Thread: Anyone care to critique a mix?

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    Default Anyone care to critique a mix?

    This is a version of Wes Montgomery's Road Song. Any comments about the mix, critical or otherwise are welcome!

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    Default Re: Anyone care to critique a mix?

    I'll stick to the mix because that's all you asked for.
    I like the mix. Some of the things that bother me about some mixes are:
    Can't hear the bass because it is mixed to soft.
    Percussion overpowering or shrill
    Lead instruments too far out front.
    You've avoided all of those. I can hear the bass, the percussion is appropriately present and consistent, leads are plenty audible without being too "out front" (possibly the bass solo is a little too front and center).
    I think the rhythm guitar could possibly be a little louder but I'd have to turn it up and listen to decide.
    All in all I'd call it a good mix.

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    Default Re: Anyone care to critique a mix?

    Really nice, Pete. It's a good sound, the combo.

    My only offering would be less of the unchanging rhythm guitar track. Drums have variety and the solos are good, but I did get a little tired of the rhythm guitar. You could duck it completely at the start of the bass solo, for example, but in general I would like it further back, to leave more sonic space for the instruments doing new stuff like the solos.

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    Default Re: Anyone care to critique a mix?

    Listening through computer speakers and with hearing that has been subject to noise damage it seemed as if the mandolin and guitar leads were a little heavy on the midrange and did not have quite enough high end. But I know my ears are lacking some in that area. Overall it was really good, good separation between instruments and nothing overwhelmingly loud, everything audible.

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    Default Re: Anyone care to critique a mix?

    Nice sounding group. My only complaint is that it makes me thirsty for Scotch.
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