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Thread: If you had a blank room...

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    Default Re: If you had a blank room...

    Quote Originally Posted by BrianWilliam View Post
    Mandobart, it looks like you are running a music store
    Other household members would like to see some of them go...

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    Default Re: If you had a blank room...

    You might not like it, but get some sort of recording device and a metronome. The recording device to highlight problem areas and the metronome to force you to work out problems. You will enjoy your room much more when you can play cleanly. I was having trouble playing a run, so when I was at my pro daughter's house a few months ago , I asked how she would finger it on her viola. Gave me a fingering that was so much better, but it was worse than starting from scratch.

    Having some sort of recording setup in a dedicated room is a must for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by foldedpath View Post
    If I was setting up that particular room for music, I'd pull up the carpet and either refinish the floor if it's worth it, or install hardwood flooring. You can always add an area rug to hardwood floor if the acoustics are too reflective, but there's no way to liven up a carpeted floor.

    Wood flooring is the one thing I miss in the acoustics of my current house, where the two music rooms are wall-to-wall carpeting. Although there are other compensations in size and high ceilings.

    Of course if you enjoy the 'coziness' of carpet there are alternatives...

    We just moved, and I've been in the process of renovating a blank beige box of a room into my office/music room. Carpet on the floors, and tongue & groove wood on the ceiling and shiplap on two of the walls.

    I also built in some storage cabinets and a desk (doors still in progress).

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    We downsized, and I took residence of such a music room 6 months ago - still haven't done much (anything) with it ...but to my defense it does what I *need* - a fireplace with a corner next to it to stack, and a set of windows. I'm pragmatist wrt instruments . Unfortunately the room is too small to decorate much - the rest of it similarly stacked...I just think of it as a garden.

    No fridge, but a table and a mantel..

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    I have such a room, but haven't done anything to enhance the acoustics yet. I'm definitely going to pull up the carpet, and will probably do a thin microtopping of concrete and make it resemble pieces of flagstone. Or maybe just go with a hardwood floor. Either would help the acoustics.
    The walls, as discussed in a different thread, I made to resemble a log cabin. I have a lot of odds and ends and antiques hanging on the walls, as well as my instruments. For seating, there is a wooden park bench and 3 cast iron chairs that my grandpa made out of tractor seats and horse hames The crowning jewel is a painting I bought at an auction years ago that my wife absolutely hates. That's the only place in the house I can hang it!
    In the photo below, I had my daughter photoshop my old Gibson A1 into the old man's hands. In the real painting, he's holding a candlestick. That painting always creeped out my wife and kids for some reason.
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    I knew a guy years ago who had the finest sounding D 28 I've ever heard. His music room was 10x12 with one chair, a hardware floor, a super reverb and a guitar stand. That was it. Playing that guitar in that room was wonderful.
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    Default Re: If you had a blank room...

    I think we've discovered a new phenomenon: the mando cave.

    And sadly, I don't have one. Y'all are making me jealous!

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    Default Re: If you had a blank room...

    Mando-shed perhaps? /ducks

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    Default Re: If you had a blank room...

    I don't get this carpet thing - wouldn't you want to hear the sound from your instrument reflected back at you with maximum efficiency?
    Tiles, I say, tiles on all six sides of the room!
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