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Thread: Phish Festival Jams (specifically Dick's in CO)

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    Default Phish Festival Jams (specifically Dick's in CO)

    So I'm taking a guess I'm not the only one on this forum that listens to Phish and attends shows. While I like going to Phish shows for the music, one thing I've noticed about Phish shows in general is the complete lack of a jam scene after 3 day shows.

    This is a long shot I think but I'm hoping maybe, just maybe, someone from the Cafe is planning on attending the Labor Day weekend shows in CO. If so, let's meet up and jam! We can play anything (bluegrass, phish, dead, rock, gospel, vulfpeck, jazz etc) I just want to JAM there!!!

    Wilson? Anyone? Maybe?

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    Default Re: Phish Festival Jams (specifically Dick's in CO)

    Hey man, I'm no King of Prussia but I remember back in the Great Went, Lemonwheel, etc. days there were tons of jams going on. Those air force base shows were the best, I clearly remember one dude riding down the tarmac on a skateboard playing slap bass with a battery powered backpack amp. Good times!!
    Maybe because it was more of a camping scene, are there camping options for the Dicks shows? I think that's your best bet. Much like the bluegrass festivals that conjure up their own mini-shows and jams at various campsites, that's where to find the musicians.

    In honor of the first Phish thread I've ever seen on the cafe, I'll shut down the house tonight with a little Brian and Robert on mandolin in total darkness. Ahhhh...

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    Default Re: Phish Festival Jams (specifically Dick's in CO)

    I remember tons of impromptu jams popping up at Phish shows back in the 90s' when I caught the vast bulk of my shows. Anyway, I know you specified Dick's, but I will be at the Sunday Gorge show with a mandolin in tow. We are leaving Northwest String Summit early that morning and heading up.

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    Default Re: Phish Festival Jams (specifically Dick's in CO)

    Hmmm. I must be too old, I had to read the Wiki to see what Phish was. Thanks for the learning!

    (At first I thought Phish was referring to the computer scam by the same name.)

    We can't make the CO show, but we'll be rooting for you there! I hope you find some jamming!
    -- Don

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    Default Re: Phish Festival Jams (specifically Dick's in CO)

    [QUOTE=dhergert;1631051]Hmmm. I must be too old

    Hey man, I 'm 67 and have been to many Phish shows and have all their CDs.

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