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    There are some duets written by this composer in my e-book Mandolin Duos from around 1900. Like with some other composers included in this collection, I didn't expect to find much information about him on the net.
    But Wikipedia has an article about this musiscian, who was born in south Italy in 1859 under the name of Carlo Curti and immigrated to the USA, where he helped to popularize the mandolin.
    Later, he went to Mexico, changed his first name to Carlos and lead the Orquestra Típica Mexicana, which is regarded as a predecessor of mariachi bands.
    He is best known probably for his mandolin method, which is still printed by Wolfhead Music.
    Mandoisland has some more information on this method book:
    The piece I played is a Maestoso, that's originally written as a mandolin duet, but I tried to play an approximation of the second mandolin on my guitar:

    My question: does anyone of you know his Complete Method for the Mandolin ?
    Sheet Music Plus sells it, and it seems like a good book for a slow learner like me.

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    For what it's worth, Curti is often credited with launching the popularity of the mandolin in North America during its "Golden Age."

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