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Thread: Chords for "Up Downey"?

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    Default Chords for "Up Downey"?

    Does anyone have suggestions for chords for "Up Downey" also known as The Mad Skeletons Of St. Pancras, The Ugly Ewe? It crops up from time to time at the Irish session in Bonn, but I can't find any chords online. I play bouzouki, and could probably work something out, but am only just getting to know it properly.
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    Default Re: Chords for "Up Downey"?

    Found this:

    Interesting little tune!
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    Thanks. It turns out, however that this is not the tune I had in mind. The alternative names came from "the session" website, but the name "Up Downey" is the one I know. Judging by the comments there,you either love it or hate it... and I can see why. Parts 1 & 2 seem to sometimes get inverted. What I know as part 2 comes as rather a shock to the system when, like me, you're just finding your feet in the session!
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    Default Re: Chords for "Up Downey"?

    T:Up Downy
    C:Tola Custy
    |:"Em"EFGA B2 eB|"G"BAGB "D"AFGF|"Em"EFGA B2 ef|"Em"gfed "D"ea a/a/a|
    "Em"EFGA B2 eB|"G"BAGB "D"AFGF|"Em"EFGA B2 ef|1 "Em"gfed eBGF:|2 "Em"gfed e2ef|]
    |:"Em"gfe gfe gf|"Em"egfd ea "D"a/a/a|"Em"gfe gfe gf|"Em"egfd "Bm"B2ef|
    "Em"gfe gfe gf|"Em"egfd "D"ea a/a/a|"G"baab "D"agfd|1 "Em"e/f/g fd e2 ef:|2 "Em"e/f/g fd eBGF|]

    Not "the chords," just one possibility.
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    Default Re: Chords for "Up Downey"?

    Thanks! I'd arrived at something very similar. The Bm was helpful - I couldn't quite get that.
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