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Thread: Gibson flat iron help

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    Default Gibson flat iron help

    I'm looking at this mandolin on Craigslist and can't seem to find any info on it but lots of discussion on the cafe so please redirect me to the proper thread if it exists.

    All it says is it's a Gibson A Flatiron made in Nashville for $200. Something doesn't seem right. I've included a link to the ad so you can see the picture. Please don't bogart the mandolin if you're in the area.

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    Default Re: Gibson flat iron help

    Is that one of the Opry Mills mandolins?
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    Default Re: Gibson flat iron help

    Opry Mills 'Pancake' model....I think they were only about $200 new....

    Not in the same league as a 'genuine' Flatiron.... these were more of a 'souvenir'.... generally agreed to be pretty dire.
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    Default Re: Gibson flat iron help

    Seems like it's safe to say it's junk. Price still seems low for a Gibson even if it's an import

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    Default Re: Gibson flat iron help

    Someone please corrected me if I’m wrong, but I believe that after Gibson bought Flatiron, they started producing this cheap-o version of the Flatiron 1N that is really more a novelty than It is a quality instrument.

    If you’re interested in this style of Mando, then buy a Flatiron 1N (or any of its fancier siblings) pre-Gibson. There are also any number of current reproduction pancakes made very well and worth far more $$.

    Long and short, don’t buy this.
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    Default Re: Gibson flat iron help

    I do not have experience with pancake style mandolins. But if you live near this instrument why not go play it?. If it plays easily and in tune, and you like the way it sounds, I don’t see that you can go very far wrong paying $200. Or if that’s a stretch can make the seller an offer, and walk away if you can’t come to terms.
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    Default Re: Gibson flat iron help

    Gibson sold these at the Opry Mills store/facility they had. I made the mistake of buying one on eBay years ago when I didn't know any better. They took a truss rod cover that was engraved Gibson that was actually used on some Epiphone's and cut it down and screwed it (with one screw) to the headstock. There is no truss rod. This way you could buy a mandolin at the Gibson store for around $200.00. They were about $150.00 over priced and they sold a number of them. I don't think they had a warranty of any kind and were simply novelties for the tourist trade. I don't know if this was a way to get rid of some old Flatiron pieces. They were really pretty rough.

    That didn't take me too long to find. Big Joe Vest worked at Gibson during the time period these were made. Read his comment at the end of this string.
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