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Thread: Interested in learning chord melody...

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    Default Interested in learning chord melody...

    I'm considering purchasing either Aaron Weinstein's "Mandolin Chord Melody System" or Ted Eschliman's "Getting into Jazz Mandolin". Does anyone have thoughts on which of these two books I would get more out of or should start with?


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    Default Re: Interested in learning chord melody...

    I haven't used Ted's book, but I can vouch for Aaron's! I guess it depends on where you're starting from -- I have a long background in studying theory and (attempting to play) jazz guitar and saxophone. I found it intuitive, and the man himself willing to answer questions. I regrettably have not been able to dedicate time to lessons with him.

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    Default Re: Interested in learning chord melody...

    I have both books and Drew makes a good point that it depends on where you are starting. Aaron's book addresses chord-melody arranging exclusively, it's a thin book and relatively inexpensive - you would do well to have a copy.

    I am a lifelong guitar player with some exposure to jazz and music theory, the new part for me is playing the mandolin, which I've been at for about 18 months now. What really kicked my understanding of chord-melody on the mandolin into gear was Matt Flinner's class on the topic which I highly recommend. I would even suggest Matt's class as a prerequisite to the Weinstein book since it will put you on solid ground with chord inversions and scales played over those inversions - which is the framework for chord-melody playing. I bought Aaron's book first and struggled getting through the arrangements. With the experience of Matt's class (and practicing the assignments, don't forget to practice) I find that I can nearly sight read Aaron's book. Slowly, for sure, but it comes much more easily now.

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    I think I should have mentioned in the origin post that my background is in classical oboe. I haven't read the treble clef in 20 years and never had to read chords. I think my music theory is pretty strong so I don't need a book that explains what a 7th chord is or ii-V-I progressions.

    I love the Matt Flinner idea but he doesn't have a class this winter so it may be a while. Thanks for the help!

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    Default Re: Interested in learning chord melody...

    You can also look at my book "Chord Melody and Drop 2 Chords for Mandolin". Drop 2 are a type of piano voicing that Jazz players commonly use in making chord melodies. Remove one note of the 4 note piano voicing and they fit pretty nicely on mandolin.

    You can download the book free here:
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