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Thread: Re-lectrified!

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    The only Dropkick Murphys I know is Rose Tattoo. I learned the mandolin part. I hadn't thought of electric mandolin on it though. Hmmmmm.
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    I think you could tackle any of the angry Irish (ish) bands. Pouges is another that comes to mind. Irish Rover maybe don’t forget to add a bit of pogoing whilst playing ��

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    I took the JBovier in for a proper set up by Jamie Swanell in Cambridge. Nut slots, bridge adjustment, intonation. He did a brilliant job. He turned a slightly frustrating little beastie into a proper instrument.

    I used it in a recording session on Sunday (28 Jan). Ran it into the desk through a Boss tremolo unit. Lovely big 5 string chords Dm, Bb, C, and F.

    Another reason to record e-mando: ya get the comfy chair in the control room rather than the drum throne in the studio.

    Might need to resurrect the emando blog.


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