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Thread: Gibson family heirloom - model A-C

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcc56 View Post
    The "pearloid fingerboards" on the Century models were actually a pearloid overlay laminated to a maple fingerboard, then sprayed with a couple of coats of lacquer. I have refretted a couple of these. They are quite durable. They might be a little more susceptible to finger wear than ebony, so keep your nails clipped.
    Again, they are quite durable. Whether on guitar, banjo, or mandolin.

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    Hey folks,

    OP here... just wanted to follow up on this thread. I drove from Napa to Gryphons in Palo Alto, CA yesterday and showed my dad's A-C to Frank Ford @gryphonstrings. We had spoken on the phone the day before so he had somewhat expected my visit. Frank inspected everything, inside and out, and said that I have nothing to worry about. In his words, this was one of the finest A-C's that he had ever seen. Happy to know after 80+ years this mando is still in excellent shape.

    Frank had some new stock "banana" leather handles that fit my G&S case so I bought one as well as a Gryphons t-shirt... well worth the "peace of mind" knowing the decades of lack of attention on my part didn't adversely effect the condition of my family heirloom. Hats off to Gryphon, Frank and all the knowledgeable staff who helped me!

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    Very nice to hear a follow up report, thanks!
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