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    Default Mile Twelve

    Caught this young band tonight at The Carrboro Arts Center. Energetic, skilled, tuneful and hip. I mean, what other bluegrass band plays Elton John's Rocket Man so convincingly well?

    David Benedict is a terrific picker and fits in with the band perfectly. I had a chance to visit with him after the show and check out his lovely Apitius F model. Just a dandy mandolin and he makes it sing. Thanks, David!
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    Here ya go - Mile Twelve / ''Sunny Side of Town''. There's quite a few YouTube clips of 'em as well - great stuff !!!.
    On a personal note,the banjo would look better without the satellite dish perched on the headstock !.

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    David's one of my favorites. I've emailed him for a bunch of his arrangements, and my dad and I agree, they're terrifying.
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    Neat show. Thanks for posting! But yeah ...
    Quote Originally Posted by Ivan Kelsall View Post
    ...banjo would look better without the satellite dish ...
    Yikes! Even the back-of-headstock clip is bigger than the whole (guessing NS Micro) tuner that you can barely see on the mandolin.
    - Ed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Bowsman View Post
    David's one of my favorites. I've emailed him for a bunch of his arrangements, and my dad and I agree, they're terrifying.
    I'm not scared to go see them.
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    Default Re: Mile Twelve

    I don't get out much but they would get me out of the house!

    Just checking out David's full stride pick stoke on the video. How does he do that?

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