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Thread: 1918 Gibson Alrite for sale...

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    Default 1918 Gibson Alrite for sale...

    I have no financial interest. It looks like it is in decent shape. Does the price seem reasonable for a repaired instrument?

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    Default Re: 1918 Gibson Alrite for sale...

    They're quite thin on the ground. I've just picked one up with a little work needed for $600 plus shipping to the UK and I'm happy with the price. They were only made for one year and that was 1917 and it was a civi version of the Army/Navy but with more bling. Apart from the re finishing it does have all the original hard wear including the pick guard.
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    Default Re: 1918 Gibson Alrite for sale...

    This one on Reverb which was in better condition IMO sold for $580 in April of last year with 68 bids.

    I'm not one of the experts here, but when I look at that refinished one with the cracked back on CL, I say, "No way would I pay nearly a grand for that." I think the seller is just a little bit too proud of that one - then again, I repeat, I'm not one of the experts.
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    Default Re: 1918 Gibson Alrite for sale...

    Seems high to me -- price of a good A-1 paddle-head, maybe a bit more, for what was Gibson's cheapest model at the time.

    Rarity in its favor, and it may be an unusual player and "sounder," but more than I'd pay. Of course, I'm not in the market, so take my 2 for what it's worth (1?).
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    Default Re: 1918 Gibson Alrite for sale...

    Seems a bit steep to me too. Back repair doesn't look that great. If you really want an Alrite you should be able to get one for less, if you don't mind waiting for it to come up. But if you want one NOW you'd better buy it - they don't come up every day of the week.

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    Default Re: 1918 Gibson Alrite for sale...

    Tonydxn is right, the Alrites are not that common but they do show up on EBay with some regularity, I would pass this one up and wait for a better example. In addition to the repairs and refinishing the nut and bridge have been changed, the nut would have been ebony and the original bridge was a compensated ebony type.

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