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Thread: Antique case - how to preserve

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    Default Re: Antique case - how to preserve

    Quote Originally Posted by Loudloar View Post
    Paganoni covers his cases with Tolex. Fundamentally the same as any modern case, although he uses a thin vintage style. (Tolex is now an expired trademark but still used as a generic description.) That's the standard product since not long after WWII for all cases, speakers, amps. It comes in different textures, colors, thicknesses, but it's all made of a durable vinyl on a fabric foundation. Pretty impervious to anything and doesn't need any special "treatment." Just use any mild household cleaner. If you want to "shine it up" use any product for vinyl auto interiors.

    Thanks for the info Steve!

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    Default Re: Antique case - how to preserve

    To clean both my TKL banjo & mandolin cases,i spray a standard household furniture polish onto a clean rag & wipe the cases over. They come up super clean & water just rolls off them without actually wetting the surface.

    Many years ago when i owned a brand new house,i had a brick retaining wall built in my back garden. To seal the brickwork,i bought a can of silicone based masonry sealant. It was as thin & as clear as water so i used my hand held garden sprayer to apply it. As i had a lot left over,i decided to spray my wooden garden fence with it. The first time it rained,it was amazing to watch the water cascading down the fence leaving the wood totally dry !,
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    Ivan, we are suffering two uses of the same word. Here a fixative is generally a light protective spray. Not an adhesive. I spent a long time working with spray adhesives and the term" fixatif" showed in the French label translations quite often.
    3M spray 77is a heavy duty adhesive (well, it was the heavy one back then) and spray mount (also3m) was less aggressive, spray ment was even lighter(or the flip of those two, it's been 40 years) but those were really all adhesives.
    I believe we are suffering from our less common use of our "common" language.

    My case seems to only need a wipe down when I spill a beer on it. Then it's already wet so a tshirt seems to take care of it pretty handily.
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    Default Re: Antique case - how to preserve

    Thanks for the info, Steve, appreciate it! Will have to find some Dr. Jackson's to try out...

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