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Thread: Thoughts on the Gibson F9?

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    Don wrote:
    "Just noticed a very good price for a 2002 F-9 at Carter's"

    The headstock scroll break is very cleanly repaired and not too noticeable.

    The back on that one has a lot of figure, and overall the instrument looks to be very clean.

    The price is reasonable, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dhergert View Post
    Just noticed a very good price for a 2002 F-9 at Carter's if a person doesn't mind a mandolin with a repaired headstock scroll. If I lived anywhere near Carter's I'd be trying this mandolin out. Not that I need another mandolin, but this one is almost inexpensive enough to have as a backup. (Although then I'd want to replace the frets, I'm spoiled with wide evo frets now.)
    Saw that one. Not bad. I got one recently for a little less, with a small finish blemish. Here's one at Carter's that seems a little pricey.
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    my reply will not help you directly as my F9 is recent(2016), has larger "modern" size fretwire(I have not measured it to see the exact size, but I'm thinking its similar to Collings or Weber currently), radius fretboard, dot inlay and side dots on the FB, and 1 5/32" nut width. Fit and finish is superb. No different than Collings(which is my standard compare for fit and finish). Tone is excellent, can be played soft and easy and still retains excellent note quality, or loud-and it can get loud-but still retains excellent note quality and doesn't get harsh or trashy. Came with the best stock setup I've encountered-all I did was adjust the relief and the saddle height. Probably earns the most easy to play mandolin I've owned, and I've owned some top shelf quality instruments(Collings, Weber, Northfield). The outside look and appearance is clean and smooth. Its just a great mandolin, the best I've had my hands on.
    It came from ThemandolinStore and I was told it may have been the first F9 with the combo of whats on it(wider nut, larger frets, radius FB). I think TMS is ordering F9's with the same specs nowadays.

    good luck on your hunt/purchase

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