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Thread: Less Collectible Gibson's

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    Can I have the '39 L-00, Jim?

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    All right, if you insist!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluegrasser78 View Post
    Well I totally disagree with TOBIN the Gibson's of the 30's had some fantastic instruments. don't know what he's saying about terrible sunbursts, not sounding good et... 1935's were great looking as were other years, so much variety in each model. Some of the F-5's sound just great, talk to Grisman or Sam Bush! Certain A's and F's with certain configurations are way better than teens to 20's Gibson's, It's to one's own ear but I think most everyone is so stuck on "THE MYSTIC LOAR ERA" nothing compares. Loar didn't build em, he was just given a title and overseer of some of the instruments. Sure 30's budget brands weren't the best but I wouldn't be knocking the real Gibson's of the 30's! Mandolins or Guitars.
    I gotta agree with all that... my 1933 A 50 is amazing sounding (and has a great sunburst), and has more tone and volume than my 1924 Snakehead. Plus my Kalamazoo's from the 30's also have a distinctive sound and visual quality that is certainly appealing to me. These are maybe not interesting to a collector but certainly a great value for a player and lover of stringed instruments.

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