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Thread: Electric mando and resonator pick

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    Default Electric mando and resonator pick

    What is the best pick to use with an electric mando and resonator mando?

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    Default Re: Electric mando and resonator pick

    I use my BlueChip CT55 on all my mandolins
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    Default Re: Electric mando and resonator pick

    I would say experiment and see what sounds best. For 4/5 string electrics then a thin electric-guitarists pick can work - but will leave you sounding less like a mandolin and more like an electric guitar. A more thick mandolin pick with give you more attack and punch, and sound more mandolin-like, but may also generate more "thump" through the PA, if you have a high-pass or notch filter on the amp you should be able to get rid of that though.

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    Default Re: Electric mando and resonator pick

    For my 8 string electric I use the same pick as on my 8 string acoustics-- a Primetone 1.5 triangle, one tip slightly rounded.
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    Default Re: Electric mando and resonator pick

    Try stuff and see if you like it.

    I am new to electric mandolin, so I use a standard Fender heavy tear drop, while I learn what all sounds I can make. When I have the feeling down I'll move on to my other picks.

    On the rez I find that I can't effect the tone all that much with the pick choice, not like I can on my regular acoustic. The BC are good for playing quickly.
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    Default Re: Electric mando and resonator pick

    Sign up for the pick basket pass around, and discover your preference.
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    Default Re: Electric mando and resonator pick

    I have been using one of the Dawg pics on my 4 string electric.
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    Default Re: Electric mando and resonator pick

    I tried my BC picks on electric guitar. They work, but so does most anything pointed and .88mm or thicker. The premium picks really shine for me on acoustic instruments.

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