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Thread: The remarkable bandolinista Joćo Macambira

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    Default The remarkable bandolinista Joćo Macambira

    Rather than detract from the Elisa Meyer interview just published, thought we'd share a few video clips of the remarkable Joćo Macambira separate from that article. We learned of his name when Elisa mentioned him in her interview as one of the most remarkable musicians she'd ever heard, yet a man with virtually no formal music education. That sent us in a hurry to Google to find him, and find him we did on a few very amateurish videos others apparently cherish enough to share them.

    This is what gets us up in the morning, what gets us excited: finding a new musician somewhere on the planet, unknown to the masses, someone with something special to share. We've always said most of the best music in the world is played for locals and never widely heard. This cat is a gem. Not only do we want to hear more of his music, we want to be in this party in these videos. We're buying the pinga. Hell yes! Totally comfortable in his skin, playing for nothing other than the pure enjoyment, no big ego, no bravado. How refreshing. The world needs a lot more of this.

    Seems from a cursory glance he's adopted the heavy downstroke technique common to gypsy jazz and Monroe style mandolin!

    Bravo, Joćo.

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    Default Re: The remarkable bandolinista Joćo Macambira

    Wow that is smokin' hot. Thanks for posting this Scott!


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    Default Re: The remarkable bandolinista Joćo Macambira

    Scott, you have no idea how happy I got when I saw you wrote a post about Macambira.
    He was born in poor area in northeastern Brazil, and moved to Sćo Paulo city with his brothers, who had a group called "Bando de Macambiras", who were all very talented and original on his each instruments.
    Macambira isn't known by the big audience here in Brazil, but Ive always been impressed by his playing and originality ever since I met him.
    Joćo is facing very troubled health time, so I'll make sure to give him a call and tell him that someone from such a distant place and who speaks another language really got impressed and loved his playing, and published an article on internet talking about him, therefore making him known to many more people!
    This made my day!
    Thank you!

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    Default Re: The remarkable bandolinista Joćo Macambira

    Thank you, Elisa.

    His playing, his approach to the music and the general spirit of that session with friends was a thing to joy. I stayed up late last night watching YouTube clips of him. He's an inspiration. Give him our best wishes.

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    Default Re: The remarkable bandolinista Joćo Macambira

    Amazing playing! Desvairaida with all those downstrokes....mind blown.
    There are three kinds of people: those of us that are good at math and those that are not.

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    Default Re: The remarkable bandolinista Joćo Macambira

    Delightful playing.
    Elisa, please tell Macambria there are people on the far side of the world who appreciate his music

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    Default Re: The remarkable bandolinista Joćo Macambira

    Love it. Thank you for the music, Macambira.

    And more generally, everyone has something special to share, even the "unknown" folks closest to us.

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