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    Default mandolins value

    I have two mandolins and I need to know the value as I want to sell them and a banjo or two and getting into a top mandolin.
    I have a Kentucky 855 and a Colling MT sunburst (not gloss top) thanks....both are in great shape

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    You'd go over to eBay and check what these have sold for recently. Pay attention to actual sales figures, not asking prices.
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    Default Re: mandolins value

    Besides ebay, you'll be seeing some listings for Collings MT's in various finishes, top woods and upgrades like Calton cases, in the classifieds here and on reverb. The 855 is a less commonly encountered instrument, but KM1000's generally go for around $1k on classifieds (asking price).

    You could also contact local shops or places like Elderly's, Gryphon (bay area), Fiddler's green-Austin, Dusty Strings (Seattle), and the Mando Store i Arizona about consignment sales.
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    Default Re: mandolins value

    70% of the retail selling price is a fairly standard basic guide, if in very good condition...YMMV
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    Default Re: mandolins value

    Thanks guys, i appreciate it

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