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Thread: Article: The New Normal? Crowdfunding Bobby Osborne

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    Default Re: Article: The New Normal? Crowdfunding Bobby Osborne

    Great to hear from Bobby and Alison on the project. I've been looking forward to this album.

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    This represents a whole new dimension to the world of Bluegrass music and indeed acoustic music in general, Bobby's closing line sums it all up nicely!
    He has always understood the need for knowing his roots and how to allow his music to grow. It's a fine line for many traditionalists and progressive to comprehend and be tolerant of, the old roots growing into new vines.
    This is very interesting to be sure!

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    Happy to chip in our part and purchase a pre-ordered copy of a signed album just now. With this line-up of musicians this is going to be a wicked set of music! Anxious to hear the end result.

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    Default Re: Article: The New Normal? Crowdfunding Bobby Osborne

    Saw a post by Compass Records. Looks like the album art has arrived:

    Bobby Osborne - Original

    Bit of interesting text from their site:

    The new album features an all star cast of pickers and singers collaborating with Bobby on an eclectic set of songs. Relative newcomers Sierra Hull and Trey Hensley team up with stalwarts Stuart Duncan and Todd Phillips on grass’d up versions of Paint Your Wagon’s “They Call The Wind Maria” and the Bee Gees’ “I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You.” The never before recorded Darrell Scott song “Kentucky Morning,” featuring Rob Ickes, gives a nod to Bobby’s heritage while the cover of “Make the World Go Away” with the lush twin fiddles of Buddy Spicher and Matt Combs evokes Music Row circa 1962. Bobby’s touring band the Rocky Top X-Press, with sons Wynn, Robby and Bobby Osborne Jr., deliver an updated version of the Osborne Brothers’ classic “Pathway of Teardrops” while Ronnie and Robbie McCoury, together with Josh Williams and Missy Raines, collaborate on a version of the obscure Mel Tillis song “Goodbye Wheeling.” Additional performers include Sam Bush, Vince Gill, Jim Lauderdale, Del McCoury, Darrell Scott, David Mayfield, Molly Tuttle, Bryan McDowell, and Kenny Malone.

    About the new music Bobby has this to say: “We [The Osborne Brothers] didn’t want to sound like nobody else. And that’s the way I want to be on this CD, too.”

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    Default Re: Article: The New Normal? Crowdfunding Bobby Osborne

    Dressed to the nines! Looking good for 85.

    Bobby Osborne

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    Listening to the first stream of this one. Damn, this is some fine music. Not sure I understood the full extend of exactly who was on this album, some them, but not all. Dig this:

    Sierra Hull
    Sam Bush
    Del McCoury
    Ronnie McCoury
    Rob McCoury
    Stuart Duncan
    Vince Gill
    Molly Tuttle
    Alison Brown
    Dale Ann Bradley
    Darrell Scott
    Jim Hurst
    Todd Phillips
    Michael Cleveland
    Rob Ickes
    Claire Lynch
    Trey Hensley

    Probably missed a few.

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    A video just out from Compass Records with Sam Bush talking about Bobby:

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    Default Re: Article: The New Normal? Crowdfunding Bobby Osborne

    A cut from the new Bobby Osborne album. Here's what Compass told us about this traack:

    This uptempo track was written by singer-songwriter Kieran Kane who first met Bobby in upstate NY where he grew up when the Osborne Brothers came through town to perform. Kane told producer Alison Brown that he was struck by how nice Bobby was to him back then and how much he was affecte by their meeting. Brown first heard the song on the O Sister! album performed by a power group of bluegrass women – Claire Lynch, Laurie Lewis, Rhonda Vincent and Lynn Morris - and felt it was a standout song that she might want to come back to at some point. She pitched it to Bobby for this project and he really liked it – it’s since become one of his favorites on the record – telling her he sang it in the car one night all the way from Hyden to Nashville.

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    Congratulations to Bobby for a Grammy Nomination for Original!

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