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ID:	152738Seller thinks this is an early 70s but I think maybe its older. Could be a bargain at 3 bills. Whadaya think? Shall I pounce?

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    I'm pretty sure all Stradolins are older. Have you played it? If it plays well, I don't think that's a bad price based on what I've seen on the Classifieds. I had a Strad for a while and liked it-- I bought it purposely from a local antiques guy to flip it which I did at a profit.
    Is that a working pickup on the bridge? That might be a selling point. Offer less and see what happens.
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    Late 30's to 40's by the logo, the tailpiece and bridge aren't original.
    "Bargain instruments are no bargains if you can't play them". These are the words of J. Garber.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeEdgerton View Post
    Late 30's to 40's by the logo, the tailpiece and bridge aren't original.
    Yup, Ive got a Morgan Monroe f style laminate and cant seem to get much out of it

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    Three bills? Good price by today's standards.

    I paid $25 for my first Strad-O-Lin, but that was before people discovered how good they are for the price. My current one was $280, and I've seen them for up to $4-500.
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    My Stradolin is an excellent instrument, great fun to play. If yours plays well and sounds good --and especially if the pickup works -- buy it!

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    Quotes from a couple of guys that know a little about vintage instruments from our 2012 article Great Vintage Mandolins Under $1,000.

    David Grisman:

    Stradolin - Actually, my favorite "vintage bargain" mandolin is the Stradolin (particularly their high end models.) I actually used to play one at gigs (like when I sat in with Red Smiley at the 2nd Fincastle Bluegrass Festival in 1966.) I bought it for $50 from Richard Greene. They are loud and punchy, mostly carved-top f-hole instruments with elevated fingerboards. To me they are as good or better than many (certainly not all) Gibson f-hole A models AND they usually are below $500.

    Lowell Levinger:

    Stradolins often have no business sounding as good as they do.

    Stan Jay (deceased):

    Another brand that we've always liked is Strad-o-Lin. About this brand Michael Holmes of Mugwumps says: "Stradolin (also spelled Strad-O-Lin) is NOT a Gibson product, although who did make them remains a mystery. Probably several different companies were contracted over time. My best estimates (experts never guess) is Oscar Schmidt, who at that time had 7 factories turning out cheap instruments for others to label and sell. Other possibles were Harmony and Kay (KayKraft at that time). I once had a student who swore he visited the Strad-O-Lin factory in New York City in the '40s. The tailpieces, however, were a stock Waverly item and most makers used them. They are excellent student or entry level instruments, sturdy and reasonably priced."

    Charles Johnson of Mandolin World Headquarters:

    Very good A style usually with F holes. Made since the 1930s, these usually have solid tops and can be excellent bluegrass mandolins. Look for the pre-war models.

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    Just an FYI. The instrument mentioned in the OP is listed in the Denver Craigslist. The individual offering this Stradolin appears to be a luthier who in the past has primarily offered vintage banjos on CL. Never met this person so can't offer much in the way of additional info about him/her. But here's the text from the CL ad:

    "Vintage early to mid 1970's Stradolin A style mandolin with pickup and padded gigbag in fully functional condition. This quality built vintage instrument plays and sounds good and is ready for the stage or studio.

    This vintage mandolin appears all original except for the pickup adjustable compensated saddle and features all solid tone woods including a carved spruce top, maple neck, rosewood fretboard, and highly figured maple back and sides. The nickel plated tuning machines are high quality as is the original compensated nickel plated brass tailpiece. This instrument was almost certainly built in the Ibanez/Aria/Epiphone Matsomoku factory in Japan as the high quality nickel plated tuning machines and brass tailpiece are identical to other confirmed Matsomoku built mandolins I've encountered.

    Sound and playability are top notch and besides the missing pickguard, minor scuffs and handling and playing wear there are no other issues. Instrument has a fresh set of Martin mandolin strings and has been properly set up. No cracks, no evidence of any major repairs, and frets and fretboard are also good to go. The combination compensated saddle and electric pickup sounds good with good intonation and is high quality and constructed from polished rosewood. This is an excellent workingman's pro level instrument at a great price. You won't be disappointed!

    Quality built instrument!"

    Oh, and no financial interest.
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    Thanks for the replies, seller has ended the reverb auction which means he probably sold it. I tried to get it down a few bucks and he rejected it...I guess I'll keep hunting and love the one I'm with (S.Stills)

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    Couple of them in the Classifieds right now as there usually are.

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