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Thread: "Conjoined twins" doubleneck

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    Default "Conjoined twins" doubleneck

    Gotta love this...

    But wow, 29 frets on the mandolin? I guess it's nice that the fretboard has a nosebleed section, but there's hardly any room left for picking.

    And ... is the mandolin detachable? Cuz that would be way cool. More than you wanted to know about electric mandolins.

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    Default Re: "Conjoined twins" doubleneck

    We seem to arrive at a similar conclusion ..
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    Default Re: "Conjoined twins" doubleneck

    Looks cumbersome.
    And now there was no doubt that the trees were really moving - moving in and out through one another as if in a complicated country dance. ('And I suppose,' thought Lucy, 'when trees dance, it must be a very, very country dance indeed.')

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