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Thread: Weird thing about the Jim Dunlop Primetone Picks

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    Default Re: Weird thing about the Jim Dunlop Primetone Picks

    I like the grippy PT's, with the grippy removed, better than the smoothies. Non-rehabilitated TS pick users should try them. Just sand off the grippy pebbles, reshape the bevels, and buff with Meguiar's- and you will be amazed and sleep better. I really love those 1.4 large triangles, with one corner rounded off, and with monel strings.

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    Default Re: Weird thing about the Jim Dunlop Primetone Picks

    I use the heavier Primetones on my mandolin and love them. For my tenor banjo I like something with more flex though. How much flex do the .73 Primetones have? The Jim Dunlop site says the Primetones are made of Ultex-- apart from color is this the exact same Ultex as their regular Ultex picks? Those come as thin as .6.
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    I found that if you shape the picks exactly the same and material is "close enough" then they will sound the same. Celluloid, ultex (polyetherimide), polyimide etc are very similar at 1.5mm stiff polished to shiny and tend to wear to shiny new surface. The only difference is how fast they wear. (and even that can be highly personal thing - some folks can wear BC significantly in a year or so) Most folks compare picks as they come from manufacturers and slightly different angle of bevels can produce different tone.
    I've been making my own picks and have used celluloid and reshaped many other materials to my personal taste and I found out that at least 90% of the result is in the exact shape.

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    Default Re: Weird thing about the Jim Dunlop Primetone Picks

    I am a working man and I own four BC picks. Money spent on playing music is well spent. Much cheaper than therapy. Big fat tone, minimal click, fast. Triplets on the F5 with a BC 100, terrific. Loud chop. The new CT55 makes the A4 sing. Prime tones are nice and picks are a personal preference thing, but I am a BC believer
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    Default Re: Weird thing about the Jim Dunlop Primetone Picks

    I re-worked a second 2mm thick Primetone 'teardrop' shaped pick yesterday for use with my Weber 'Fern'. The Weber has always been a tad on the bright side of things,so,i rounded the tip of the pick off slightly,reduced the width of the bevel & then buffed it up to smooth it off. It worked perfectly. The more rounded tip reduces the treble just enough,& the thicker pick adds a bit more punch to the sound. I'd been using a 1.5 mm thick teardrop shaped pick 'as it came',but this re-shaped 2 mm one is perfect !
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