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Thread: Tab for "Milk Cow Blues"

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    CAn anybody help with the chords and possible a location for the tab to Milk Cow blues. I only heard it one time at a friends and can't seem to find it anywhere. Thanks folks
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    Check the Tabledit files at mandozine(.com I think). There'll be a link from the Cafe.

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    It's pretty much just a basic 3 chord blues shuffle - I - IV - V7. If in E, it's E, A & B7. On guitar, I usually capo up to 3rd or 5th fret and play those shapes in G (3rd fret) or A (5th fret). I play the E chord shape and use my pinky for the shuffle - same on the A chord shape. Gives a feeling of guitar and bass instead of just a "power chord" shuffle on 3 strings only. George Strait's version with Johnny Gimble on the fiddle is about the best "Milk Cow Blues" I've heard. It's not a hard song to pick out by ear.

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