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Thread: Alan Jackson - Remember When tablature

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    My musical tastes usually lean towards Bluegrass, but I really like the Mandolin accompaniment on Alan Jackson's Remember When. Does anyone know, or know where to find tablature or sheet music for it?

    Regards, Scott

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    ..I do know its Stuart Duncan playing the mando on it....

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    Thanks for the info Scotti. I have searched the web, and I have not found anything. If I was good enough I could probaly figure it out by ear, but being a newbie, that is not easy for me.

    Regards, Scott

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    ..its in G..goes to #e minor C then D back to G....then I believe it does some funky modulation to C then Am F this is all from memory from hearing it on the radio..I dont have a copy of the song..never have tried to play it...but God has given me a good ear...for which I am very thankful for. Good Luck.

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    here is the intro to the best of my ability
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    73 - KI4REX - Ryan

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    Its a great tune. Love Jacksons music. He is one of the country artist i really enjoy.

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    Scott, you might try this link for guitar chords if that will help any: # Cowpie Song Corral

    This site has the guitar chords to a lot of country and bluegrass songs.

    Note: Click on J for Jackson from the Artist List, then click on Alan Jackson, then scroll down the list of his songs to Remember When.

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