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Thread: Drop Box is now available for Italian 'ballo liscio' sheet music.

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    Default Re: Drop Box is now available for Italian 'ballo liscio' sheet mu

    For those of you crossing over to the dark side... I've attached an updated Accordion Index of public domain titles.

    The newly uploaded title "Addio Amore" originated as a mandoin trio published and composed by M.V. Cardilli. The story of how the mandolin music made it into the accordion repertoire can be encapsulated by just this title alone. That's why I've written the book on Italian Mandolin Heroes because they were deeply committed to the development of the accordion, too.
    Take note that before 1937 (and the launching of the American Accordion Association) accordion sheet music was written with a double treble clef. (UGH!) but that not all publishers went along with the idea. Case in point: Cardilli published "Addio Amore" in 1944 with double treble clefs. Still, if you're a guitarist or an accordionist, you can write chord symbols above the top treble clef. Et Voilà!

    For those of you using an accordion in your mando trios, many are composed in the same keys as the original mandolin music but not always.

    Please use the folder accordion sheet music link posted in Post #408

    This one's for you Mick!
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    Default Re: Drop Box is now available for Italian 'ballo liscio' sheet mu

    Quote Originally Posted by mandopops View Post
    Sheri & David, as of now my plan is to be there. Got my hotel booked, still need to register. I hope to meet & play with you both. Maybe do an open mic? Looking forward to Sheri’s lecture.
    Long live Italian Mandolin aficionados,
    Joe B
    That's gonna be a highlight!

    See y'all soon.

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