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  1. Re: Mandocello solo and duo recordings playlist

    Since Martin mentioned my search in the opening of this thread, I should clarify my mission. I am looking for (and have found!) music written specifically and originally for the solo mandocello. I...
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    Re: We're not so weird...

    Want to see my collection of 100+ year old antique wooden hand planes? I have about 50 or 60, but I only use about 8 or 9, mostly moderns. Probably invested between 2 and 3 thousand dollars over many...
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    Re: Help me use this diminished lick

    I taught "classical" music theory for years. When Tim Connel told me to use a "flat-ninth-without-root instead of a V7" I didn't know what he was talking about (I do now). The "root" is implied in...
  4. Re: Land of Living Skies by the Regina Mandolin Orchestra

    I love the addition of winds; I think mandolin orchestras in general need to think beyond the "string quartet" model and open up to more colorful and varied textures. A few years ago at Philly CMSA I...
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    Re: Japanese Commission / Premiere

    We all look forward to hearing the performance; hope it will be posted....?
  6. Re: Mandolins and Recorder Trio from CMSA 2018

    Nice work composer and performers, and a very nice blend of light instrumental sounds. I don't know how much is being done with wind instruments joining our plucked strings; only heard of a few...
  7. Re: MC Players of Irish Traditional Music - Feedback Wanted From

    I look forward to your future post; I teach research methods and supervise research, so when I see a study on a topic of interest I check it out.
  8. Re: Grisman "Shalom Aleichem" for Mando Orchestra?

    I'm used to name confusion. I get a lot of "Hoffman? Mr Hoffman?" "Jim..Hoff? ... -man?" I will check the website again, the semi-current Q blurb is the group that recorded the Americana album; there...
  9. Re: Grisman "Shalom Aleichem" for Mando Orchestra?

    I looked at some MMQ photos, Adam Rosco is not playing a Monteleone, which has a distinct curl in the scroll. Not sure what Adam's instrument is, a big F style but not a Gibson. So you must be...
  10. Re: Grisman "Shalom Aleichem" for Mando Orchestra?

    I WISH!
    No, Adam Roskowicz plays the mandocello in MMQ. I know Mike Marshall plays a Monteleone, and their website says "In the mid-1980s, Dana Rath and Mike Marshall created a quartet of mandolin...
  11. Re: Grisman "Shalom Aleichem" for Mando Orchestra?

    I want to thank the people (who will remain nameless here) who replied to my request, but I also want to assure any other readers that I will check on copyright and permission concerns before doing...
  12. Re: Grisman "Shalom Aleichem" for Mando Orchestra?

    Sent you the THANK YOU note. Yes, I will also check to see if there are copyright issues. Always happy to pay for good music.
  13. Re: Grisman "Shalom Aleichem" for Mando Orchestra?

    Mark did reply, thanks for the contact. Still looking for GRISMAN'S own setting as he describes it in the Dawg Roots Book. Grisman says it's been played by orchestras all over the world... Somebody?...
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    Re: Andrini brothers

    Thank you Michael; I can work from this. But your recording sounds like a quartet: do you have a score or parts for that?
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    Re: Andrini brothers

    "I have transcribed this arrangement years ago from a recording by Matteo Casserino and his group available form the website of Bruce Zweig"

    Michael, I...
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    Re: London Mandolin Ensemble

    Andy, I might be in the London area for a couple days between May 9 - 15. I appreciated your help with my Solo Mandocello project last year, maybe I'll hear some good music when I'm in town.
  17. Re: Grisman "Shalom Aleichem" for Mando Orchestra?

    Thanks Bob!
    Where in Southern NJ are you? I was born in Riverside, near Burlington, and a cousin owns Donkey's Bar & Grill in Camden.
  18. Grisman "Shalom Aleichem" for Mando Orchestra?

    Love the Cafe, where I know I will get answers to this:

    Grisman & Danny Barnes played in Portland last night, and I got a signed copy of his "Book of David" Dawg Roots book. Got home, getting...
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    Re: Strum, chop, mute?

    I came to bluegrass mandolin late in life after a career in music (choral, education). I found the off-beat chops were essential to the style but monotonous to play. So I mess around a little bit...
  20. Sticky: Re: An invitation for members to use their real name

    I post as Doc James but I identify as Jim Imhoff (but I do have a "doc!"). Go ahead and reveal my secret identity.
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    Re: Mandolin Concerts of Note

    Thanks, Bob; the mandolin community is one of the most sharing musical cultures around. I already heard from Owen, and will be looking at and (I hope) playing some of his wonderful compositions soon....
  22. Re: Mandolin sources in Yale University library

    Outstanding scholarship and a wonderful contribution to the literature. I once edited some medieval choral music from the Bodleian Library, using photostats of the thousand-year-old handwritten...
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    Re: Mandolin Concerts of Note

    Could you give the sources/publishers of this music? Trekel ? Available on line?
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    Re: Who was Bickford....

    Sorry I derailed the Bickford thread--I meant "bass range" of course, not clef. Bickford lays out his clef system on p. 6, using the "G" clef for all ranges but with a slash or two slashes to...
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    Re: Who was Bickford....

    In case you play in bass clef, Bickford also has one of the very few method books on mandocello.
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