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  1. Poll: Re: Poll for Song a Week Social Group week #516

    Here is a link to video I posted recently featuring Wind On The Heath.
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    Re: Match guirar chords to Octave Mandolin

    If you tune in GDAE tuning then do you mean by regular C chord the G 0pen, D2, A3 E open shape on your octave? If so, then you could play standard C chord at the nut on your guitar. Maybe you are...
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    Re: Learning to read music for Mandolin

    As you are a long-time piano player and can read standard notation efficiently, you will quite quickly learn the notes on the mandolin, I'm sure.

    Start with the four open strings - G,D,A,E and...
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    Re: Best Celtic Mandolin around ~500($700)?

    Try to get a chance to play the instrument before you decide. So much is personal in our choice of instrument. I have a cedar top and a spruce top (both self-builds) and alternate quite happily...
  5. Re: looking for help with lowering my action.

    Charles, check that the bridge is in the correct place in relation to having your intonation accurate. Sometimes the bridge may not have been placed correctly on the instrument, and with the curved...
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    Re: free trio and solo music from Evelyn

    I think, from the above two posts, that folk might not be aware that Evelyn passed away on Tuesday, November 12th - just two months ago. Her music will keep her memory alive in the hearts of so...
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    Re: 6 course early renaissance lute

    Another very fine creation, Jo.
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    Re: 2019 Tune-A-Week Project

    Glad you are recovering, if slowly, Jill. Looking forward to your new postings when you are playing-fit again. Are you looking foward to your return to home turf?
  9. Re: Wrote me another song... and recorded it.

    You create great songs, Dave. Lyrics and arrangements are very powerful.
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    Re: Another day, another song...

    Good song and recording. The arrangement suits your song.
  11. Re: Help with time signature: Lankum - Old man from over the sea

    I agree with foldedpath that it fits into a 6/8 rhythm. The fiddler seems to be syncopating his pizzicato picking by omitting beats in each group of six, but overall you can count through the tune...
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    Re: Dan Beimborn & Kevin Macleod 2007

    Great playing, Kevin, and so good to hear two folk so tuned into each other.
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    Re: The straps I ended up making

    Good work there, Gunnar. They look the part.
    Pops1, that one has me intrigued - what is the trick in making such a strap?
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    Re: post a video of yourself

    Interesting, Jo. The instrument's tone suits the Django backing. I loved your final flourish with the pick!
  15. Re: create TAB from standard music notation ?

    Musescore does this if you add in a new instrument and make it a TAB format rather than standard notation. StuartE's link will help you to do this. You can add in more instruments to a score as...
  16. Re: Sunday picking sessions at my house are keeping me alive...

    Never mind the age thing - I date from 1944 anyway! I live so far from Canada here in Scotland yet I collaborate fairly regularly with a Canadian poster (Ginny) via the internet. Keeps me young and...
  17. Re: Irish Mandolkin Weekend Intensive Workshops Feb 7-9 and April

    Glad to hear you are in recovery now, Jill. Hope 2020 is going to be a great year for you along with your return to Ireland. Your postings are ones I always look for on the Cafe.
  18. Re: Sunday picking sessions at my house are keeping me alive...

    Dagger and Simon, thanks for your kind responses. I still remember that great session we had a few years back up in Kevin's place at Achiltibuie and the afternoon in the Coigach Community Hall. ...
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    Re: Back in action

    Great tune, Kevin, and very fine playing!
  20. Re: Another renaissance vihuela de mano I've just completed

    Another beauty, Jo. Lovely work on the rosette.
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    Re: post a video of yourself

    Not only do you build great instruments, Jo, but you then play the music that goes with them! 7/8 sounds like a beast to handle; I got lost just trying to count along with your playing!
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    Re: 2019 Tune-A-Week Project

    Jill, so sorry to hear of your misfortune and I know that you will have great support here in the MC where we all enjoy your postings so much. While you convalesce you can practise that great wee...
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    Re: Random note generator

    My first thought too, Ray. It looks like Simon wants to identify any note up to the 7th fret on the mandolin? An ear-training exercise, perhaps. There is probably some midi device which can do...
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    Re: I started a website for backing tracks

    An interesting idea, Gunnar. Some of us do collaborations over the net via the SAW group, but your idea seems to be a very sensible one. Hope it gets good responses.
  25. Re: Sunday picking sessions at my house are keeping me alive...

    I can certainly endorse your thinking. Regular music sessions at home and in other venues have been a huge benefit to me following the very unexpected death of my wife just over a year ago. Family...
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