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    J.S. Bach: Arioso

    Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantata "Ich steh mit einem Fuß im Grabe", BWV 156
    1. Sinfonia - Arioso

    This is Bach's famous "Arioso", played on mandolin with piano accompaniment. This tune was written...
  2. Handel: Sarabande in D Minor (La Folia), mandolin quartet

    Georg Friederich Händel (1685-1759): Suite in D Minor for harpsichord (HWV 437)
    3. Sarabande

    This is Handel's treatment of the "La Folia"/"Folies d'Espagne" theme, originally for harpsichord, but...
  3. Re: What is the "Must Have" Mandolin Book(s)?

    As August is far too modest to do it himself, I have to nominate him instead:

    "Exploring Classical Mandolin: Technique & Repertoire" (Berklee Press, 2015) by August Watters.

    For more beginner...
  4. Après un rêve (Fauré), mandocello and piano

    Gabriel Fauré: Après un rêve (Op. 7 No. 1)

    Although written as a song with piano accompaniment, this piece is commonly played on cello. For my instrumental adaptation, I have played the melody on...
  5. J.S. Bach: Siciliano from Flute Sonata BWV 1031

    Following on from my recent recording of the famous Bach/Marcello Adagio in D Minor (Link), here is another Bach mandolin/piano duet, just as melodic.

    Johann Sebastian Bach: Sonata in E-flat major...
  6. Re: Passacaglia della vita (Bisogna morire), renaissance madrigal

    Thanks, Eugene! Yes, the L'Arpeggiata/Marco Beasley arrangement is very effective. If you haven't done already, also check out their live recording linked in my original post -- the visuals add a...
  7. Passacaglia della vita (Bisogna morire), renaissance madrigal

    This early 17th century madrigal is usually attributed to Stefano Landi (1587-1639), although this is considered unreliable. My recording on two mandolins, two mandocellos and tenor guitar is based...
  8. Adagio from Concerto in D Minor (A Marcello & JS Bach, BWV 974)

    Alessandro Marcello & J.S. Bach: Concerto in D Minor (S D935 / BWV 974)
    2. Adagio

    This is the Adagio movement from the Oboe Concerto in D Minor by Alessandro Marcello (1673-1747), which has...
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    Alessandro Scarlatti: La Folia

    We're back -- thanks to Scott and Dan for the hard work!

    I posted this on the brief excursion into a parallel universe, and as it didn't make the return trip I'm reposting.

    Alessandro Scarlatti...
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    Re: John Goodin mandolin duets

    Many thanks for those kind words, John and Jim!

    John: The images I chose for "Oswald" came about because the most interesting hits I got when searching for a connection between Scotland and the...
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    Re: John Goodin mandolin duets

    Here are the other two recordings:

    Lily's Stars

    This gentle waltz was written by John in 2015, and is available from his website:

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    Re: John Goodin mandolin duets

    John has recently posted an update on his compositions for mandolin ensemble and orchestras, which has reminded me about his more complex arrangements than the usual duets I have uploaded in this...
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    Re: Learning to read music for Mandolin

    Following up on this, it is also interesting to look through the back issues of the BMG Magazine (which has the longest unbroken publication run among the mandolin periodicals) and observe changing...
  14. Re: Vivaldi: Domine Deus, from "Gloria" (RV589)

    Antonio Vivaldi: Gloria (RV 589)
    II. Laudamus Te (Soprano I & II)

    Here is another movement from Vivaldi's Gloria, the "Laudamus Te". The piece is originally a vocal duet of two sopranos, which I...
  15. Vivaldi: Domine Deus, from "Gloria" (RV589)

    Antonio Vivaldi: Gloria (RV 589)
    VI. Domine Deus (soprano, oboe and basso)

    This is my instrumental recording of Vivaldi's Domine Deus, played as a duet of mandolin and octave mandolin (mandola),...
  16. Re: Shostakovich: Praeludium for two octave mandolins & tenor gui

    A year on from my recording of the prelude, here is my mandolin duet version of the second movement, the Gavotte.

    Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975): Five Pieces For Two Violins And Piano
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    Re: Lonesome Moonlight Waltz

    We had this tune in the Cafe's "Song-A-Week" social group a few years ago. Check this link for several very nice versions from other Cafe members, with a wide range of approaches from bare bones to...
  18. Re: Bernardo de Pace: "Dreaming" (mandolin duet)

    Forgot to attach the score -- now included.

  19. Bernardo de Pace: "Dreaming" (mandolin duet)

    Bernardo de Pace (1881-1966): Dreaming (Mandolin duet)
    Published in the B.M.G. Magazine, March 1960.

    This is a nice classical mandolin duet in waltz time, written by "The Wizard Of The Mandolin",...
  20. Re: New Book of Evelyn Castiglioni's Tunes

    Thanks for the heads-up. Note, the link that Mick has posted is to the previous book (which Evelyn herself had also uploaded for free here on the Cafe). The link to the new book is here:

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    Re: Tunes from the BMG Magazine 1947-50

    Further to her lovely "Scherzo" which I recorded back in September, here is another short piece by Louise Harrison, also written as a trio of two mandolins and guitar.

    Louise Harrison (1951):...
  22. Re: Mandocello solo and duo recordings playlist

    It's been a few months since I've added to my mandocello playlist. Here is a baroque piece I've recorded today, as a duet of mandolin and mandocello:

    Philipp Heinrich Erlebach (1657-1714): Aria ...
  23. Philipp Heinrich Erlebach (1657-1714), German Baroque composer

    Philipp Heinrich Erlebach (1657-1714) was a major German baroque composer in the era just before J.S. Bach. However, the large majority of his compositions were lost in a fire after his death, so...
  24. Re: Looking for Schottis Fran Mulang sheet music

    Following on from that discussion, I have used a quiet spell this afternoon to record this lovely schottis on mandolin, as a set with another schottis from the town of Malung which came up in my...
  25. Re: Looking for Schottis Fran Mulang sheet music

    Hi Leslie,

    I think the correct spelling is "Schottis från Malung", after the town of Malung in Dalarna. The most comprehensive site for Scandinavian dance is, which doesn't have a...
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