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    Re: Polishing Frets

    +1 on the EVO gold wire when you refret. I'm 3 years in on two mandos, an acoustic and an electric with no visible wear. In the mean time, for polishing I use a dremel with the little felt wheels,...
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    Re: Pava Satin v Pro

    Finish sheen itself shouldn't affect tone much unless it's applied too thick. Probably the most significant consideration is that satin finishes over time take on a sheen in the places where there is...
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    Re: Straighten a Neck - No Truss Rod

    Since this is a cheap guitar to begin with, you may want to try the the "reheat and clamp" method mentioned by Jeff Mando. I did this many years ago on a low value instrument. I used a length of 2"...
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    Re: IV A Style Kit Binding Channel

    On second glance, Dale is correct. My eye was caught by the raised ridge about an eighth of an inch below the channel. Getting the channel to a uniform depth for that short center scratch shouldn't...
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    Re: IV A Style Kit Binding Channel

    Without seeing more, it looks like the the binding slot maybe too deep on the left if the rest of the instrument is routed to the depth on the right. High tall is your binding? Do you have a means of...
  6. Re: suggestions/thoughts for someone wanting to learn inlay work

    Hi Daryl,
    I imagine there's lots of good info on the web with photos/video of the processes involved. Two very important things to consider are magnification and lighting (especially if your eyes...
  7. Re: Electronic tuner: guide, or unquestionable authority?

    Down here in the land of major air conditioning, a mandolin's strings' pitch can change in a few minutes time as the instrument acclimates. The TC unitune is extremely accurate and quick to nail the...
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    Re: Advice needed for this seam separation

    Hi Marty,
    How did you deal with the shrunken binding to get it back in place? Did you have to cut it and infill? I have a similar situation with a 20 year old Taylor guitar (not worth an $$$ repair)...
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    Re: Fret level after 10 months

    [QUOTE=Br1ck;1729941]I would say that after basic setup skills are acquired, fret work is the next thing to learn. Either start with your least expensive instrument or go buy a beater. I had multiple...
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    Re: Refret for Gibson F9

    I'm with Tom on this one, it looks like you need the whole first octave, not 7 or 8. You don't mention how many years of use that wear represents, but as much as you're using this instrument, you...
  11. Re: How much hydraulic fluid do these pedals take?!?

    I'd say with that tonedexter you should have all the juice you need. Looks like a great setting for bluegrassin, pick up a storm!
  12. Re: man I need a good tuner foot pedal model. not clip on

    The original poster was seeking input from other members based on their experience with pedal tuners, not a real commonly used item among mandolin players (and mandolins are tougher to tune than...
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    Re: I need a mandolin stand for stage use.

    If you sit to play, something small and light like this will work:...
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    Re: Strap attachment - A style, no body button

    The method outlined in Gary's post above sounds like the way to go if you don't want a strap going under the fretboard extension. As a luthier, I have built all of my mandos and actually drill an 1/8...
  15. Thread: Beware EVOs

    by Rob Roy

    Re: Beware EVOs

    I have EVO gold wire on an electric (medium jumbo 0.102" wide), a flattop (0.090" wide), and two mando's (medium 0.080" wide). I also have an oval hole archtop mando (my first build) with the...
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    Re: Side bending. Is this worth saving?

    Now we know why traditional sunbursts are dark in the waist and around the neck joint. I agree with others that the crack is workable. On the next one, use a backing strap as suggested on the tight...
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    Re: Best suited cast tailpiece

    Mike summed your options beautifully in post #2. I, too, tired of wrestling with stamped metal tail pieces and put an Allen on one of my mando's. The Allen is rock solid, looks nice and feels nice...
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    Re: Waverly tuner bushing reliability

    re: nylon bushings. I put a set of German Rubners on my mandolin and they have thin nylon washers between the worm gears and the frame part of the machine. It makes for very smooth tuning. Gotoh also...
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    Re: on doing a sunburst

    I also use alcohol-base stains but cut my base with up to 50% flow enhancer. I find this gives me more working time and makes it easier to blend the intersection of colors. It still dries quickly...
  20. Re: Varnish finish vs lacquer - durability question

    I've seen plenty of lacquer instruments with finish worn away by pinky planting and pick wear so it won't withstand pinky planting a whole lot better. Varnish can mean a lot of things but the...
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    Re: Show off your back side

    Build #5, nicknamed "Jurassic Park"177802
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    Re: 2 way truss rod for a mandola

    Not sure what you mean by "the nut". The flat bar stock part faces up towards the fingerboard, often with a shallow filler strip glued in over the top. I think a 2-way truss rod is a good idea. I've...
  23. Re: Replacing the Tailpiece on my Flatiron (would like original)

    What a gorgeous mandolin! It looks to be in excellent condition and I bet it sounds terrific too! If you want to stay traditional, then I would go with a higher quality stamped stainless version like...
  24. Re: Looking for a clip-on tuner that works well in daylight...

    another vote for the TC unitune. Very bright and the two colors make it obvious when you've hit the pitch. Also extremely accurate, when you tune each string in a pair, they are actually in tune with...
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    Re: Non-mandolin question (electric guitar)

    One of the simplest would be the telecaster style. It's a simple slab body with a neck held on with screws. Routing templates for the body outline and cavities are readily available as are all the...
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