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  1. The Sam Bush school of right hand mandolin technique

    Couldn't think of a better example of the Sam Bush right hand school in practice, strap your selves in folks....
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    Re: Curt Mangan Strings - Wonderful

    Kevin I pretty much use only Curt Mangan's for my mandolins, mandolas, octave mandolins, and mandocello, as well as my guitars ( classical and arch top).
    I agree they have great tone and play...
  3. Re: CMSA Convention in the Clouds 2.0: November 12-14, 2021

    I also attended the Modern Mandolin workshop with mostly Bluegrass players (although there was considerable Jazz presented and discussed) last weekend, so can't help but compare that to this weeks...
  4. Re: CMSA Convention in the Clouds 2.0: November 12-14, 2021

    The Evan Marshall presentation on solo mandolin performance was one of the best demonstrations of harmonization on the mandolin I have ever encountered, plus tons of download material from Evan.
  5. Re: CMSA Convention in the Clouds 2.0: November 12-14, 2021

    Jim thanks so much for presenting my efforts, I agree on the Ekaterina presentation, I also caught the mandolin and harp as well as the mandolin and piano, so I thought it was very cool. The August...
  6. Re: CMSA Convention in the Clouds 2.0: November 12-14, 2021

    Day one so far so good, some very impressive performances, and discussions, I just attended a more Folk/Bluegrass oriented mandolin symposium ( camp)last weekend, interestingly enough the format is...
  7. Re: The "legitimate classical instrument" thing..

    Catmandu I agree the latter half of the 20th century clearly belongs to the guitar, and is is strangely one of the main instruments to emerge from the establishment of industrial electricity, the...
  8. Re: The "legitimate classical instrument" thing..

    Was it on the back of the first Modern Mandolin Quartet album where Mike Marshall talks about the mandolin being considered "plebian" or just a folk instrument like the pan pipes or tine whistle. ...
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    Re: Speed: Missed Notes and feeling

    Hartford uses it in the song - "Tryin' to Do Something to Get Your Attention"

    "And I tried real hard not to make this song sound like some other song that I might have
    Written before
    And if I...
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    Re: Speed: Missed Notes and feeling

    "style is based on limitations" - John Hartford,
    To play "classic 1940s Monroe Bluegrass" is a fairly disciplined art form. While melodies and chord progressions appear somewhat basic, the timing...
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    Re: post a video of yourself

    Nice one Don, I recall that from the Baldasari - Reichman- Bullock Travelers album!
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    Re: Strings for sore finger tips

    to me the Monel are slicker, and somewhat easier on the fingertips, of course if the action is too high it isn't going to change much.
  13. Norman Blake & Saint Elmo Slim - T.A.G. Railroad Rag

    If I could play like this just once I would call my musical career accomplished.
    I believe that's a Lyon and Healy style C maybe?
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    Re: Monel strings

    this is from the website
    Monel (aka Nickel Bronze) has built in natural resistance to tarnish and corrosion yet it feels great to the touch and has its own unique tonal color. Monel is 67% pure...
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    Monel strings

    I broke a string at jam the other day ( haven't done that in a while) and so I decided to try these Curt Mangan Monel coated strings I picked up a while ago. I did the Black Diamond thing years ago,...
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    Re: old timey challenge

    see Joe Craven "Camptown"
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    Re: R.I.P. Paddy Maloney

    I had a few Chieftain's records and saw them live once, Paddy always had a jar by his side and would swing that pennywhistle like a pendulum while he talked about the tunes. It's his work with Mike...
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    Modern Instruments

    I was checking out this 1995 Rice and Grisman performance and got to thinking after the commentator mentions that the Gibson design we all know and love as traditional, is really a 20th century idea,...
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    Re: Petersen Octave Mandolin

    I had a Petersen 10 string cittern - but tuned it CGDAE, turned out to not be my thing, but it had very strong tone, anyway can't say enough about Curt Mangan's they are PB, but I pretty much use...
  20. Peter Ostroushko and Danny Gotham. 10/18/2007

    if you have the time, this is worth just playing in the background if you are doing house work or something,

    What a perfect moment captured in time
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    Re: Reasons to avoid practicing

    You know I was thinking about this more in the sense of "why do we play".
    Someone (who I have since kept my distance from) once asked me- "why do you play music, nothing will ever come of it",...
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    Re: My MAS is cured.

    I did some "substantial" purchasing this year, and opposite from Mandoman1, adding all oval hole mandolins to my mostly F collection, a very nice "lucky" A1 find, a beautifully restored F4 and a very...
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    Re: Punch brothers

    I as well don't care for the version, love Punch Brothers, and love that they honor Norman and Tony, and hopefully future generations will continue to enjoy this wonderful tune, When PB did "New...
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    Re: Reasons to avoid practicing

    Mandolin went through the dang washing machine again, I keep telling my wife to check the pockets, sheesh!
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    Re: Frank Wakefield

    I was a lucky enough to jam with Frank a few times, as he lives locally, he is a character to be sure, his playing is very "hard core" Bluegrass and very Monroe influenced. I agree he never...
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