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    Re: Fan-fret mandocello build

    I have been fascinated with the larger mando family instruments in the past, and made a few mandocellos based on an archtop guitar body. I think they look good and sound great but it takes a...
  2. Re: Nitrocellulose reactions with tuning machines

    Does the other side look similar? It looks like the red coloration is not down in the relieved areas.

    The color and placement cause me to wonder about faded stain in the finish. This reminds...
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    Re: Michael A Lewis Mandolins

    Mr. Geimer, I miss the Strawberry festival at Camp Mather. It was a really good thing while it lasted, and you were there for some of it. Now we have memories.
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    Re: How To File A Fret

    Greg Mirken is probably right on this. Check the most obvious and easiest things first. This is where a fret rocker comes in handy, it's just a straight edge with several lengths or flats that span...
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    Re: Bowed neck issue

    Several things to consider: how thick is the fingerboard? Could remove frets and level the fingerboard, re-cut fret slots, and refret. This would be the simplest and easiest process but it depends...
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    Re: Michael A Lewis Mandolins

    My apology to all for dropping out but my Life circumstances dictated that I must. Six years ago my wife was diagnosed with lung cancer, and the ensuing medical issues and doctor appointments...
  7. Re: 400-500 to spend on a mandolin for my husband's birthday...

    It may depend on whether he really wants a mandolin. If he does then give him the money and let him go find the right one. Or not.
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    Re: Need Inspiration

    You have gotten some good advice here, and from folks that have been there. My suggestion if you want to make mandolins is to do it in your "spare" time as a hobby, and also do repair work. When...
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    Re: bridge fit changes when tuned

    Much depends on how much the top distorts when under stress. A flexible top is a moving target. I like to make a nice smooth arch in the foot of the bridge that approximates the cross arch of the...
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    Re: First mandolin kit build - questions

    I know you want to make an F model but let me suggest you first make an A model from scratch to build your skills. The F model is a real challenge if you are to do a nice job of it. As far as...
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    Re: Mandolin top arch differences?

    Hogo is very perceptive and observant, as usual. These instruments are under significant stress from string tension and do tend to deform, especially over time. I have had a couple tops begin to...
  12. Re: Good first luthery project or run-away fast?

    As an educational experience it might be viable, but you will NOT make ANY money with this one. Seams in the bowl that have been 'fixed at" must have the old glue cleaned out, the bowl shows far too...
  13. We all owe a debt of gratitude to Roger for the...

    We all owe a debt of gratitude to Roger for the trail he blazed for many of us. His mandolin construction book has given many of us fits of confusion, frustration, and finally we see the light and...
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    Re: Neck effect

    " Could the absence of a truss rod & more massive neck play a significant role in the tonal difference?" . . . . yes.

    How thin / thick are the parts? They pretty much need to be the same to begin...
  15. Re: Changing a Fixed One-Piece Bridge for Two-Piece Adjustable

    The original Brekke bridge that adjusts from the sides with set screws is a great replacement for the one piece bridges. Get them from Weber. They have such a small gap between the 'feet' that they...
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    Re: Plate mass F vs A.

    The scroll part of the f style plates are stiff and thick, and do not contribute to sound production. It is the movable (flexible) part of the plate that moves the air and makes sound. So your idea...
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    Re: Finger plane designs - prototypes etc.

    It takes some time with a palm knob to build the skill to control the cut, so knobs tend to be more useful for some aspects of finger planing but as mentioned they can seem awkward unless one...
  18. Re: large piece of maple for a cylinder backed cittern

    I think some of you guys are thinking the back and sides are made of one piece. This is not the case. The sides are bent and glued to the blocks just as guitars and most other stringed instruments...
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    Re: glue pot on the cheap

    Well, that's got to be the winner. Thermostat and all. Excellent find, and free shipping!

    I use a much cheaper "hot pot" and keep the glue in a heavy bottomed whiskey glass so it doesn't float...
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    Re: Lutz Spruce

    If you know what to look for you can identify sitka spruce as it has some identifying characteristics, but all the other spruces are much more difficult if not impossible to identify in wood form. ...
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    Re: Blistering or Lacquer Lifting.

    A digital pic of the issue might help.
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    Re: Cleaning up inlay pocket?

    Do you have a headband magnifier? It really helps. It doesn't keep you from making mistakes but when you take the magnifier off the mistakes are much smaller than they looked when you make them.
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    Re: dovetail neck joint

    The beauty of this time consuming process is that it allows plenty of opportunities to adjust the contact surfaces to maintain alignment of the neck to the body as you proceed. Thus you should end...
  24. Re: Mahogany neck with no pore filler. I wish it was smoother.

    You can easily see the difference between filling the pores and not filling them. You can still fill them, but you risk causing "collateral damage" if you are not familiar with finishing processes...
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    Re: Crack Repair

    It is all too easy to make matters worse by trying to make them better. If your mandolin sounds good then I suggest you play it and let the old crack be. That is an OLD crack with some ancient...
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