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  1. Re: Sierra Hull - Bombshell Tab *Only First 45 Seconds*

    Hi, looks good.

    Through nothing more than habit, I prefer the abc notation and use the EasyABC software which can be found free on the web. This online editor is pretty good too:...
  2. Re: Can anyone TAB the intro to Soon or Never by Punch Brothers?

    OK, here's my attempt at transcribing Flippen. I'd started out writing it as eighth notes which I find easier to read, so left it like that.

    It's served its purpose in helping me to learn the...
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    Re: O Santo De Polvora


    I was wondering that too, but couldn't find it anywhere.

    So I had a go at transcribing it and think I've got it pretty close. If you spot any mistakes let me know.

    I've attached the tune...
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