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    Re: Octave Mandolin | Technique Nightmare

    To add to the good advice above, here's a few more thoughts from someone who has played a 22" scale OM for a while. My hands are on the large side, but I'm getting up in years (68) so I don't have...
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    Re: REELS: What are your favorites?

    What I'd consider favorite reels is always in flux, as I get excited by new ones I'm learning and then let some old favorites fall off the back end of memory. Anyway, here are some favorites I've...
  3. Re: First Learning Session: Seeking Feedback

    I've heard very good guitar backers use small bits of melody to connect chords, but it has to match the melody line everyone else is playing or it will be distracting. The main risk in that approach...
  4. Re: What's the big deal about changing strings?

    I have it down to about 20 minutes, taking it nice and easy. Once a month or a little sooner depending on when I might be playing out of the house at a gig or Irish session (no gigs these days).
  5. Re: First Learning Session: Seeking Feedback

    As others mentioned, it would help to know what kind of piper you're dealing with. Some types might work okay in a learning session, others won't, and the skill of the piper is also a factor.

  6. Re: What price level and up gets you a "lifelong keeper" mandolin

    I had played guitar for 30-odd years before buying my first mandolin, and by that time I had moved up into custom luthier-built acoustic guitars in the $3,00-$5,000 USD price range.

    When I decided...
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    Re: LR Baggs Align Session Pedal

    With the disclaimer that I haven't tried this pedal myself, I'm always very cautious about use of compression in a live sound reinforcement system. If you absolutely know what you're doing with...
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    Re: Key/Mode for Irish Sessions

    I haven't run into too many differences from the key/mode I'd expect in local Irish trad sessions. One reason is probably that recordings by famous Irish trad artists, along with online instruction...
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    Re: Celtic Mando vs Bandolim

    Depends on the context, I think.

    If you're mostly playing alone at home, then your tonal preference for Irish/Scottish trad might lean towards plenty of harmonics and a "sweet" tone (whatever...
  10. Re: What artist/album got you started with Trad?

    It wasn't an artist or album that got me started, more a peculiar chain of events regarding my Significant Other. I had played guitar for over 30 years, mostly Blues and beginner-level Jazz. I had...
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    Re: Please define “intermediate”

    I've never liked the term intermediate because it's so nebulous. To my mind, it also describes being on the path to something better, and personally I am never going to be the next David Grisman.
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    Re: Crossrock Mandolin Cases

    Yes, I'm sure an Anvil ATA grade case is better than my Pegasus case as checked baggage on a flight, which is what I was referring to. Not shipping via Fedex or another carrier.

    If I had to ship...
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    Re: Crossrock Mandolin Cases

    If I knew in advance that my $5,000 mandolin would go into airline baggage and not carry-on, I would never use any of the higher-end fiberglass or carbon fiber cases. Not even my Pegasus, which is a...
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    Re: Ready to get my hillbilly on!

    It depends on the audience and the genre of music. Non-players in the genre of music I play -- Irish and Scottish trad -- don't give a fig about what your mandolin looks like.

    More importantly,...
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    Re: Crossrock Mandolin Cases

    I've been considering a fiberglass Crossrock classical guitar case for my octave mandolin for a while now, I might try one soon. Thanks for the update on current build quality!

    I know the fit...
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    Re: Eastman OM - a one-month review

    That's a nice use of sustain and partial chords on that OM. That's what they're made for when playing melody, in my opinion. The slower tunes where you can really work the sustain of the longer scale...
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    Re: Capo for an octave

    I use a D'Addario Planet Waves NS (I think they call it the "Pro Capo" now?) on my octave. I also use it on my acoustic guitars, so there is a little overhang on the OM's narrower neck but it doesn't...
  18. Re: Apparently you can play a slow air on a fretted instrument ..

    Nailed it right there. ;)

    Have to learn the local lingo before you can speak it.
  19. Re: Apparently you can play a slow air on a fretted instrument ..

    Practice yes, and also just listening. Hours and hours of listening to get your head wrapped around that kind of musical presentation. People like me raised on Rock and Blues before getting into...
  20. Re: Apparently you can play a slow air on a fretted instrument ..

    Here's the thing... mandolin is still an "outsider" instrument in Irish and Scottish traditional music. It's a newcomer, although I can date a solid reference to a "famous" Irish mandolin player in...
  21. Re: Apparently you can play a slow air on a fretted instrument ..

    I think it's fine on that tune, but as you say, that's not an Irish air. Because the melody has been used in a famous Pop tune, I tend to think of it as a nice arrangement of a Pop tune.

    My $.02...
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    Re: Thumb wear on the neck

    Nah, don't be. As Don mentioned above, finishes vary. One reason I stripped the neck of my mandolin is that I realized it was never going to show any natural wear and less "grabby" feel, due to a...
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    Re: Thumb wear on the neck

    I've never heard the term "speed neck" outside the mandolin world. Fiddlers who play faster than us have bare necks protected with a bit of oil and they don't call it a speed neck. I've always...
  24. Re: Learning Octave mando as a regular mando player.

    Welcome to the OM club! I play mostly Irish and Scottish trad melody on my octave. What I've found works best for me is to segregate my tune repertoire into the faster dance tunes on mandolin and the...
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    Re: Pig Jicking?

    Self taught here as well. I would venture to guess that most mandolinists play that Harvest Home run with alternate (DUDUDU) picking if they're playing at session tempos. Maybe you could do it with...
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