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  1. East Tennessee Blues by Joe K. Walsh & Aaron Weinstein

    This is what happens during social isolation:
  2. Re: Tough times may mean more Skype lesson opportunities (NMC)

    We have a builder database on MC, perhaps a Skype lesson provider database?
  3. Re: Pelican Vault 730 as a Double Mandolin Case

    I checked a Pelican 1615 Air case full of metrology equipment (i.e., very heavy, very expensive, very delicate) and a headless travel guitar during international travel this summer. I had the...
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    Re: The straps I ended up making

    Thanks Ron. I couldn't pull it tighter because my four pieces of leather were very different sizes (one was about a third of an inch, and another was tiny, about like a shoelace)
    I'm gonna braid...
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    Re: 2020 X-Series -- The new Sorensen AX


    Your lips to the players' ears!

    Unfortunately, in the US, as my mando mentor, Randy Torno, bluntly told me as I excitedly worked on a new mandocello design, "You're going from a player...
  6. Re: Bert Deivert's international recording

    Thanks for sharing it Ron. That was recorded with my new custom built David Sefl 2 point mandolin. Jesper and the gang recorded in Denmark and I did my part in Sweden. More coming from us! BUT......
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    Free Waterloo Mandolin

    Working with my contact at Collings and Waterloo and it looks like this is going to happen at some point in the near future.

    Who'd be interested in a giveaway of one of these very fine mandolins?...
  8. Re: 2020 X-Series -- The new Sorensen Sprite 2X Two-Point

    A couple of new tunes by Chip Bach on his new Sprite 2X Two-Point --

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    Re: Carbon Fiber Mandolin

    It's the first one I ever made, so definitely not done yet. Sounds better with the bracing I've added to it. A couple more rounds of R&D, and some wood layers on the top to help it look more "woody",...
  10. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    Well, yes, I can distinguish between instruments who design evolved over 350 years ago and whose originator is lost in the wisp of time versus the specific design created in the 20th century, by a...
  11. Re: Lengthy article on bluegrass in the Guardian (UK)

    To some degree, I think that's just the angle the author took (a good article usually starts with a good "hook"), and to be fair, on the surface it's not a bad angle from which to explore a music...
  12. Re: Which higher priced F style models have solid wood scrolls?

    And we're done here.
  13. Re: Oliver Craven on Cy Winstanley's new video shot in Nashville

    Nice tune and video. Good vibe. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Re: How did you feel about your new build Mando?

    So sorry to hear about that Ron, that's appalling!
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    Re: How did you feel about your new build Mando?

    Ron, that is a horrible story. A new instrument should arrive ready to be played, not ready to immediately go to a luthier to be made playable.
  16. Re: Jacobson Nautilus Mandolin #39 - Ziricote and Birdseye

    Sorry man, it's already shipped.

    Hi Ron, Should be back on the carbon fiber project after a couple more builds. By the end of the year for sure. There's only one real hurdle left, which is...
  17. Nava Archtop #3; with a nice smattering of Brazilian rosewood

    So, I’ve got my next archtop underway. This one is having Brazilian rosewood for the sides (and other parts) and a maple back. I’ve put together a couple of video; the first dealing with bending the...
  18. Re: The new Sorensen 2020 X-Series mandolins . . .

    Before we get into the features of these new designs, let me give a bit of background.

    This project starts with my belief that the Gibson/Lloyd Loar early 1920s mandolins were one of the most...
  19. Re: Really fun new Youtube series from Forrest O'Conner

    Thanks again guys! Illinoisfiddler, yeah we've recorded Blacktop Boy a few different times and still feel like we might not quite have done it the way we envisioned it from the beginning. Perhaps...
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    Re: Do We Really Need Another Pick Thread?

    To answer your question: NO!
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    My band's second video

    So a while back I posted our band's first proper video.
    The song is about reaching the end of one's time on earth and reflecting back with pride on all you achieve, and how we shouldn't regret. A...
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    Re: Gibson F-5 Reference Book

    Hello f5loar !

    Thanks for your comments ! The end result will definitely be an actual hard bound book. There is nothing like pages of paper. And yes - there is a lot of work ahead. But I'm in for...
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    The end of my playing days.

    Hi all - It's not nice to have to post this,but i've been diagnosed with a strong possibility of having lung cancer. As a life long non-smoker,that's pretty ironic.
    It's not 100% certain yet,as i...
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    Re: Bluegrss start-up in Thailand

    Amazingly enough, there is a pretty vibrant BG community here in Thailand. Especially Bangkok. These guys jam often at the Train Market in Srinakarin.

    That young man is amazing. I've seen him...
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    Re: Introducing the Sorensen VX

    Here's a quick Facebook video from Darren Nicholson talking about the custom GHS string set he uses on this Sorensen VX, some background on his cool custom strap, and a bit of Graveyard Blues from...
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