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  1. Re: Difficulty finding Elixir Nanoweb coated strings

    I contacted Elixir directly, and I got a very nice email in reply. They have cut back operations due to COVID restrictions. I can't blame them for trying to keep their staff healthy. There is no...
  2. Difficulty finding Elixir Nanoweb coated strings

    I like the brightness of 80/20, and I like the Elixir coating. They are not for all mandolins, but they really make my Collings MT sing. I went to buy some more, and I cannot find them anywhere. ...
  3. Can't wait to try a set and play Dark Star/China...

    Can't wait to try a set and play Dark Star/China Cat Sunflower/I Know You Rider - the three hour version !
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    Re: Mandolin Crossword Puzzle

    "And ULEE.. Know why? The vowels." (as said by Ted Mosby to Will Shortz when Will guested on How I Met Your Mother). Thanks Scott. I really enjoyed this.
  5. When I first heard the Acoustic Disc CD Swing...

    When I first heard the Acoustic Disc CD Swing Low, Sweet Mandolin in the 1990's, my world changed. I bought the other one the next day, and started listening to Lester Young and Charlie Christian...
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    Re: Your Thoughts On D'Addario XT Strings

    Unfortunately, that is true of EXP74 and EXP77 (my personal; favorite - I like coated 80/20). I think the EXP74CM's are still being made.
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    Re: No more EXP74's?

    "I switched to the Elixir nano web and love them. They sound great and last a long time."

    Thanks! They look like just what I need. I will try them next change.
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    Re: No more EXP74's?

    I have found the XT to be a good replacement for the EXP74. But what about EXP77? Evidently they are no longer made, which leaves D'Addario without a medium gauge 80/20 coated string. I liked the...
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    Re: Anyone know of this picker?

    I had the great pleasure of jamming with Ricky at the Swannanoa Gathering Mandolin Week last summer (2018). We were there for Swing/Jazz with instructor Don Stiernberg. There were many fine players...
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    Re: RIP Dean Webb of the Dillards

    Andy Taylor: "The boys sure are talkative today"
    Briscoe Darling: "Oh yeah, they's real worked up about this"

    RIP Dean, and thank you for showing us 60's kids what a mandolin sounds like.
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    Re: What's Your Score?

    A -30 here. I take it to mean "likes bluegrass, but still wants to see other people" .
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    Re: Blues mando recommendations

    Charlie McCoy is my favorite too. He can be heard in two contexts. He made some rural jug band type recordings with one or another of those many Chatmon brothers. But he also did some more Uptown...
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    Re: J. S. Bach The Cello Suites for Mandolin

    I play mandola in the Philadelphia Mandolin Ensemble. We tune the mandola to the European/tenor tuning - a full octave below the mandolin. I have been playing the Cello Suite #3 on my mandola using...
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    Re: Lafferty LA-2

    I have a Lafferty LA-5B and I am very happy with it. It has an F-hole bark and a bluegrass chop. I play mostly swing jazz (Don Stiernberg is my role model) and it is great for that too. A lot of...
  15. Thanks for the great interview! I met David at...

    Thanks for the great interview! I met David at the Swannanoa Gathering in 2012. When I came back in 2014, he remembered me (no one else did). He is kind, intelligent, and a fine person. And what a...
  16. Re: Article: New Music from Don Stiernberg - Good Numbers

    I picked up a copy at Mandolin Camp North, where I was lucky enough to take a class from Don. I listened to it all the way home. We all know Don as a Jethro Burns protege, but he plays electric...
  17. I believe that when Hendrix destroyed a guitar,...

    I believe that when Hendrix destroyed a guitar, it was a Mustang (more like today's Squire). Not sure about Townsend. As for The Hateful Eight, this was painful to watch and I cannot bring myself...
  18. Re: LADY BE GOOD chord melody by Aaron Weinstein

    I think I might be able to play 10-20 percent of this arrangement - which is the best I ever hope to do with an Aaron Weinstein chord melody! At least I recognize some of the chord forms. Thanks for...
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    Re: My new Tolley Mandolin

    Joe brought the Tolley to a Philadelphia Mandolin Ensemble rehearsal and he let me play it for one tune. It sounds as good as it looks. I have to confess that I violated the Tenth Commandment that...
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    Re: Mandolin Magazine Ceases Publication

    I feel like I lost a good friend.
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    Re: Halloween Fun *Add ur Caption*

    "You should hear Mr. Jones when he rattles them bones"
  22. Re: David Grisman and Don Stiernberg Discuss Jethro Burns Legacy

    If I had to name the three musicians who have most influenced my playing, I would pick Jethro Burns, Don Stiernberg, and David Grisman. And here they all are! Great article, Scott. And I highly...
  23. Re: Fireflies - Meditation for 2 Mandos, Mandola, & Hammered Dulc

    I play mandola in the Philadelphia Mandolin Guitar Ensemble. Mark Linkins plays first mandolin in the Ensemble. This piece also sounds wonderful with the full Ensemble. Mark has composed several...
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    Re: Loar forgery / fake Serial # 80263

    I feel like if it were some other commodity instead of mandolins, I could very well have been taken. That worries me.
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    Re: Slide mandolin

    I like cross tuning (GDGD or AEAE) for slide mandolin. But I miss the fact that there is no 3rd interval between any of the strings. I would like to experiment with GDBD which gives a minor 3rd...
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